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Writing the Energetic Body – Place, Somatics, and Self-Discovery – Next Session: May 2014

Writing the Energetic Body – Place, Somatics, and Self-Discovery
Soaring into the Summer – 21 Days of Writing Past the Mind and Into the Chakras – New Moon in Gemini, May 28th , 2014

My intention for Writing the Energetic Body is to explore coping with change, healing, and taking responsibility for our selves, our society, and our planet, through creativity and the creative process.

I’ve learned so much from my participants. Their writing is insightful and heartfelt and often quite moving. I have found myself moved to tears some days, and some days I am laughing out loud. Most of all, feeling a connection through written word brings me joy!

Writing the Energetic Body uses the seven major chakras of the Hindu Chakra system as the “backbone” for self-exploration through writing. We will explore each chakra for three days, resulting in 21 days of writing.

Why 21 days?

  • It takes 21 days to create a habit;
  • 21 days is an easy amount of time to commit to, and;
  • there is a lovely sense of movement, rhythm, and pace to the numbers three and seven

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the Messenger God and Ruler of Communication. Gemini energy is often talkative, restless, changeable, a little ungrounded, and full of fast-flowing ideas. An air sign, Gemini energy likes intellectual pursuits and mind games. With the moon in Gemini, it is a good time to write and examine patterns. Notice the air around you. Have the winds of spring begun to calm down, or are they still kicking up change? Through writing, we may rid ourselves of excess nervous energy by allowing its expression out on the page.

written in stone (c) 2011 Holly Troy

Written in Stone – Stone on the shaman’s altar – Amazonia, Peru

We will begin this session of Writing the Energetic Body with an intention setting ritual and ground it at the Root Chakra, stabilizing the Gemini energy into the Earth, and using that energy to sustain us as we move up through the body and the chakras to the Crown. We prepare to move from the restless energy of spring into the warm, flowing, sensual energy of summer.

Get ready to explore possibility, make (re)discoveries, release inhibition, and develop a writing practice.

Overview of the seven major chakras of the Hindu Chakra System:

1st Chakra – This is our entrance into the earthly plane, our right to be in the world. We will investigate issues surrounding survival and our “tribe”.
2nd Chakra – This is where we experience the power of relationships. We will plumb pleasure, sexuality, emotions, and the desire to create.
3rd Chakra – This is where we gain our sense of personal identity, power, and will. Who are you? What is your purpose?
4th Chakra – We will open to compassion, self-acceptance, and love.
5th Chakra – We will look at clear communication, self-expression, creativity and “Divine Will”. What happens when you speak your Truth?
6th Chakra – We will explore perception, clarity of vision, and psychic ability. How do you see the world? How does intuition and imagination expand your life experience?
7th Chakra – How do we understand the world? What is our connection to a Higher Power?

Some of the benefits of taking part in Writing the Energetic Body:

  • compassionately and creatively observe the Self
  • uncover hidden impulses, stories, and life patterns
  • awaken the body/mind
  • utilize the breath for presence in the moment
  • deepen and expand creative vision
  • loosen up and strengthen fluid writing

There is no need to “know” anything about the chakra system, our bodies physically and energetically hold information, and by freely writing we can tap into that knowledge.

Participants will receive daily writing prompts designed to stimulate a specific chakra for the given day in their in-boxes. We will explore each chakra for three days. We will spend only 30 minutes of writing on the given prompt. Participants will return their responses via email to me. Participants will also have the chance to upload their work to a private blog site to share and to give and receive feedback from other participants.

I will personally respond to your work via email.

What you get:

  • daily prompts;
  • feedback, and;
  • video instruction for movement, meditation, or breath work that will deepen the prompt for the day.

The additional instruction is so much fun — DIY videos from me getting you out of your head and into your body are a blast! Participants may use the additional instruction however they choose—and it is theirs to refer to whenever they like.

The cost for the 21-Day Workshop is $89.00 until May 6th. After May 6th, the price goes up to $98.00.

This is going to be a lot of fun, and, you will be creating a writing habit!

Register for the May 2014 Writing the Energetic Body here.

Sign up early. I respond to every participant; space is limited!

I look forward to exploring and playing with you!

nature nymph (c) Holly TroyPeace, love, and ink,



Born on a Thursday #55 – More Bike Love in Flagstaff, AZ

It’s been a long day and I just got back from meeting Justice of the Peace Howard Grodman who is running for re-election in Flagstaff (I really liked him and was very impressed - he started a Mental Health Specialty Court! so cool! – I will write about what I learned in the next day or so . . .)

Beautiful Flagtsaff (c) 2014 Holly TroyMeanwhile, I am reposting this message from the Flagstaff Biking Organization. As many of you know I am a huge cycling fan. I don’t own a car and I bicycle to get just about everywhere—to work, to get groceries, to visit friends—and of course, for fun. Flagstaff Biking Organization has been planning a bike park that will be super cool, and they have a chance at winning a $30,000 Grant.

Please vote for the Fort Tuthill Bike Park. You don’t have to live in Flagstaff, heck, you don’t have to live in the United States. You just need an email. Feel free to let me know that you voted in the comments.

* * * * *

Vote NOW for the Ft. Tuthill Bike Park to win a $30,000 Grant!!

April 7th, 2014


Share this link with everyone you’ve ever met, have your mom’s Facebook friends vote, bug random strangers on the street to vote on their smart phones, pester your coworkers, whoever you can think of! It only takes a minute, doesn’t cost a thing, and everyone will benefit from this free-to-the-public facility!

Be sure to reply to the confirmation email you’ll be sent or your vote won’t count! (Check your “Junk” folder if you don’t see the confirmation email!)

If you have not received a confirmation email after you voted for the Ft. Tuthill Bike Park, it is probably because of your email address.


Some .edu, .gov, .net and .org addresses seem to not work with the tool that Bell Sports is using for this voting.

If this is the case, vote from a @gmail.com or @yahoo.com or similar address: either one you already have, or make one at Google.com.

Keep passing the word! Let’s win this grant!




Fort Tuthill Bike Park will be a fully-featured mountain bike skills park at the Fort Tuthill County Park in Flagstaff. The proposed skills park will contain a wide array of progressive features to appeal to all levels of bike riders. The park will be free, open to the public, and available for competitive events and skills clinics. We are hoping to use the IMBA Bell Built Grant to implement the intermediate, and potentially beginner and flow trail features. This grant would be used to build the intermediate, and potentially also the beginner, flow trails. For details on the entire Ft. Tuthill Bike Park, click here.



Twelve trailbuilding projects across the 50 states have been selected as the finalists to receive a portion of the $100,000 Bell Built grant. The projects have been distributed across 3 distinct regions in the US: West, Central, and East. Beginning April 7, voting for each region will be live for a 2-week window, with winners announced the day after the voting period ends. On May 19, all three winners will be officially announced!

VOTE: April 7-20

WINNER: April 21


Passionate Empathy, Feminine Energy, and Isabel Allende

E for Empathy: the feeling that you understand and share another person’s experiences and emotions : the ability to share someone else’s feelings.

Have you ever been moved by a stranger’s suffering or joy? Have you ever been moved by art or literature or a performance? Has that stirring ever moved you to take action?

Photograph: Koen Van Weel/AFP/Getty Images

Photograph of Isabel Allende: Koen Van Weel/AFP/Getty Images

One of the gifts of a storyteller is empathy. Isabel Allende mixes the perfect amount of humor in her storytelling to temper the harshness of life’s reality for so many women around the globe. I laughed and I cried and was also inspired while listening to her TED talk.

At one point, Isabel talks about an argument she had with her daughter – who said “feminism is dead.”

Yes, for privileged women like my daughter and all of us here today, but not for most of our sisters in the rest of the world who are still forced into premature marriage, prostitution, forced labor – they have children that they don’t want or they cannot feed. They have no control over their bodies or their lives. They have no education and no freedom. They are raped, beaten up and sometimes killed with impunity. For most Western young women of today, being called a feminist is an insult.


I am a feminist. I don’t understand people who don’t embrace feminism.

In our species, the alpha males define reality, and force the rest of the pack to accept that reality and follow the rules.The rules change all the time, but they always benefit them, and in this case, the trickle-down effect, which does not work in economics, works perfectly. Abuse trickles down from the top of the ladder to the bottom. Women and children, especially the poor, are at the bottom. Even the most destitute of men have someone they can abuse – a woman or a child. I’m fed up with the power that a few exert over the many through gender, income, race, and class.

Abuse hurts everyone. It creates a cycle of distrust, disembodiment, disempowerment, and disconnection. So much to be said on the subject, and Allende brings up many points that are deeper than they may first seem. She tells the stories of a few people who survived (accepted) abuse, and/or took action against it. Maybe we can be inspired to take action in our own small ways to make a difference in our lives, communities, and perhaps even the world.

I think that the time is ripe to make fundamental changes in our civilization. But for real change, we need feminine energy in the management of the world. We need a critical number of women in positions of power, and we need to nurture the feminine energy in men. I’m talking about men with young minds, of course. Old guys are hopeless; we have to wait for them to die off. (Laughter) Yes, I would love to have Sophia Loren’s long legs and legendary breasts. But given a choice, I would rather have the warrior hearts of Wangari Maathai, Somaly Mam, Jenny and Rose Mapendo. I want to make this world good. Not better, but to make it good. Why not? It is possible. Look around in this room – all this knowledge, energy, talent and technology. Let’s get off our fannies, roll up our sleeves and get to work, passionately, in creating an almost perfect world. Thank you.

Isabel Allende is a Chilean author who has written the following books:
The House of the Spirits, La Gorda de Porcelana, Of Love and Shadows, Eva Luna, The Stories of Eva Luna, The Infinite Plan, Paula, Aphrodite, Daughter of Fortune, Portrait in Sepia, City of the Beasts, My Invented Country, Kingdom of the Golden Dragon, Inés of My Soul, The Sum of Our Days, Island Beneath the Sea, Maya’s Notebook, Ripper, and Zorro. To learn more about her life and her work, click Isabel Allende.

Born on a Thursday #54 – Bicycles, the Beatles, Books, and Underwear

I’m attempting April’s A-to-Z Challenge.

pine and spring snow (c) 2014 Holly Troy

Spring Snow

I was supposed to write something about a word or a phrase that began with the letter “B” yesterday. I didn’t do it. I was tired. I was feeling rebellious, like I needed something to say “no” to. I thought, Man, this last month has been exhausting. You walked through grief, and at the same time, ran an online writing course. Write about B on your blog? You need a break. You just walked three miles in the snow on your way home from work. You still have MFA research to do. A bath would be nice. By 8pm I was in bed.

The Beatles – Sometimes I listen to the Beatles and I wonder what is the point of any other music? They were/are startling good. The year I was born was the year the Beatles broke up.
John-Boy Walton. How strange to call your kid “John Boy”. Boy. Boys. I had a crush on John-Boy when he (er, the actor Richard Thomas), played the protagonist in the movie version of All Quiet on the Western Front. I read the book when I was eleven years-old. It made me a pacifist.
Books. When I was a kid, I read a lot of books. I learned about love and compassion from reading good literature. Books I want to re-read that I read when I was a child: The Call of the Wild, Moby Dick, The Last of the Mohicans, Treasure Island, The Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, Alice in Wonderland, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.
Bicycles. Man, how could I forget about bicycles? Why is this not the first word on the list? I love my bike! My bike’s name even starts with B! It’s a Breezer by Specialized.
and, finally,
a phrase sent to my by my friend Laurent, “Be Yourself, not an image you pulled in, or a projection of what you think you should be.”

I’m supposed to be on “C” today. I doubt I’ll be getting to it.

Below, a little Amanda Palmer for your listening and viewing pleasure. She is in her underwear a lot. I need my own apartment so I can be in my underwear a lot.

Thanks for reading,


April’s 30-Day Challenge – Playing the Fool

April 2014: 30 Day Challenge



It is windy here in Flagstaff. The wind can be frustrating at times – there is nothing like riding a bicycle with the wind pushing so hard against you that you can barely move forward! (But then, oh, when the wind is at your back . . . ) There is also nothing like watching the ravens playing in the wind, calling to one another and effortlessly doing acrobatics in the air. It’s Spring! Just watch . . .

What if for the next thirty days – you consciously decide to accept you are exactly where you are supposed to be? While the season gets into full swing with its unpredictable weather, and changing colors, and life springing seemingly from nothing, we can take this time to observe the world around us. No trying to improve anything, just noticing where you are.

Turbulent seasons remind us that change is inevitable, whether we strive for it or not. Life is short. As plants and animals come alive in the world (conversely, if you are in the Southern hemisphere, as the natural world prepares for rest) – why not celebrate life?

You are alive, and that is good. You are enough. Enjoy your life. Let the world be your playground this month.  Imagine you are on the Hero’s journey, open yourself up to beginners mind and being the Fool, trusting that life take you where it will.

* * * * * * * *

This post is inspired by a friend whose sister is battling breast cancer. My friend said – “Life is short. What would happen if I looked around me and said, ‘Life is good enough. I am happy being alive. I am good enough?’”

Gay or Straight – East or West: Vibrational Ripples in these United States

My friend Robert Alvarez recently posted The Essence of the Militant Homosexual  . . . on his new blog This Gay Man’s Life: A blog about one Gay Man’s life, and how it relates to others, Gay or not. I know Robert personally, and I truly love his energy, his wisdom, and his sense of humor. I also love that he is writing – since I live thousands of miles from Union City, New Jersey, I don’t get to see Robert often.

Here is an excerpt from Robert’s post:

So far, in my life, I have signed numerous petitions, but have only been to two Gay Pride Parades (both in Manhattan), and I have yet to take part in a demonstration.  Also, as soon as I find out that a company does not treat its LGBT employees fairly, I stop spending my Gay CA$H on their products or services (The Salvation Army has lost out on my money, which is a damn shame, and I have never seen the prices on Barrilla pasta so low in my life!).

And yet, there is a part of me that wonders, what would happen if I allowed this part of me to be set free?  Would I be arrested?  Would someone throw a brick at me?  Would I kill someone?

Yes, these are all the kinds of “what if” questions that are excellent for destroying one’s sanity, but I feel that as an openly Gay Man, and as a Spiritual man, I have a responsibility to engage in Self-Inquiry.

Go here to read the entire post.

Robert’s post moved me, and I ended up writing three responses. Here they are:


Lee's Ferry, Arizona. Just a fraction of the beauty here.

Lee’s Ferry, Arizona. Just a fraction of the beauty here.

Not being gay, but being a woman who has made the choice not to breed and living in a beautiful but politically arcane place (Arizona) – I am often frustrated by the weight of the oppression that is in the air. Yes, I have ovaries and a uterus. I also have a brain. I am not a mommy because I have no desire to be a mommy. That does not make me unnatural or a monster. My body belongs to me – and all the pleasure and pain that goes with it. (I digress . . . )

I have come to realize that the personal is the political. Robert, just by being you, just by writing, you are an activist. Perhaps not militant, but an activist just the same. You have a voice, and you use it. You are not an automaton buying into the lie of work-a-day slavery where you have to pretend you are less than human to get through the hours. You are you – and that is remarkable.

We are human and we count. We make a difference. From what I know about you, you choose love and compassion – always striving toward the highest good – and that counts. And if people don’t believe that love and compassion count then they are sorely missing something beautiful and sacred in their lives.

And sometimes, yeah, not taking the shit and fighting back does feel like the right thing to do. I believe that if and when you you stand up it will be the right thing to do. I think you will be okay – and any action that you take will be because your spirit has guided you to take it. For goodness sake, I hope no one throws a brick at you. I see instead, strength in solidarity and connection. I see passion and love all around you.

“True, This! —
Beneath the rule of men entirely great
The pen is mightier than the sword. Behold
The arch-enchanters wand! — itself is nothing! —
But taking sorcery from the master-hand
To paralyse the Cæsars, and to strike
The loud earth breathless! — Take away the sword —
States can be saved without it!”
~ Edward Bulwer-Lytton

Om shanti my sweet friend!


Later, I came across two quotes that were supplied to me by my friend Patrick in a letter he recently wrote. They are perfect!

Protesting is an act of love. It is born of a deeply-held conviction that the
world can be a better, kinder place. Saying “No” to injustice is the ultimate
declaration of hope.
—Amy Goodman (b. 1957) in her book Standing Up To The Madness:
Ordinary Heroes in Extraordinary Times 2009

“The only way to deal with an un-free world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” — Albert Camus (1913-1960)


Where do you have a voice? In what ways do you speak out?

self-portrait in NY light (c) Holly Troy 2013Thanks for reading!



Born on a Thursday #53 ~ love sickness, love joy

While walking the dog, I am thinking about all the things I am never going to do again. Every evening, as the the clouds are turning orange, tears:  This is so beautiful and I’m not ever going to watch a sunset with J— again. I’m never going to wake up in the wilderness as the sun is rising and say “good morning”. We will never lie on our backs and look at stars and the moon. No more sweet silence. We will never go as far out as possible together and see things most people won’t. 

pine glow (c) 2014 Holly TroyI do not, cannot stop myself. Grief. My body trembles for weeks. My hands shake and I cannot eat without effort. Who am I? I have to keep walking, that is all I know.

One day I look up and the sky is deep cornflower blue, chalky, like a fresco, and to the west it is pink and orange. The grasses on the mesa, slowly, almost timelessly shifting from gold-pink to pale luminescent violet, finally bleaching out to soft blue-white and then, dark. The air is cool and clean, so pure and fresh that to breathe is soothing. I’m OK. I love this. I love my life this minute. While I’d like to be sharing this moment marveling at the beauty of the world—this is pretty damn good. This is pretty damn good. 

And then, there is this:

So much beauty in this world. Even in the sadness.

I originally saw David Crosby and Graham Nash BBC “In Concert” video on Dangerous Minds.