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I'm a rock-n-roller poet who left the Big Apple for the Big Sky Desert where I've been letting it be and grooving with universal love, singing to the gods, dancing with the muses and bicycling with dreamtime messengers. I like altering my reality through imagination, movement, and breath — and I help others do the same through yoga and the workshop Writing the Energetic Body, a practice of "exploring writing through the lens of the chakra system." I am a certified yoga instructor through the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center and hold a BA in Art and Creative Writing from Hunter College. My work has been published in Cosmopolitan Magazine, Night Train, Earth's Daughters, Elephant Journal, Creative Essence Magazine, and as a featured guest poet for bentlily.com.

that song in my head – have i heard it before?

Was listening to music from the early 70s the other day and I came across “The Air that I Breathe”, written by Albert Hammond and Mike Hazlewood. It’s performed by the Hollies below.

The “Air that I Breathe” was a song from my childhood. I have memories of lying down in the back seat of the car, my head next to the speaker and looking out the window – watching the sky change and treetops passing by.

Sunset with Healing Heart at Forbidden Meadow (c) Holly Troy 2015“The Air that I Breathe” is a good sunset song.

I love hearing influences in music. When I really listen, I’ll call out influences  – Oh! Neil Young! Do you hear it? “Down by the River” or – The Beatles! there – “Dear Prudence”. 

I wonder how much of what we listen to or read or look at influences our own creative work. I’ve always been choosy about what I subject myself to because there are certain things I just don’t want hanging out in my subconscious mind-space. (Facebook snuck itself in there for a while though, and I think it’s had a flattening effect on my creativity. Perhaps a post for another day).

When I heard “The Air that I Breathe” I swore I’d heard it recently. Then I thought – aha! Radiohead.

I guess other people thought it sounded similar, too. According to wikipedia – the 1992 Radiohead song “Creep” uses a similar chord progression as “The Air That I Breathe”.[3] As a result, Hammond and Hazlewood sued Radiohead for plagiarism and won.[4][5]

All that I know is I like both songs and am glad they were written.

New Moon, Creative Sparks, and Old Friends

It’s been a beautiful summer – I’ve been spending so much of it outdoors or semi-outdoors in my garage/painting studio. Sunshine, fresh air, and exercise do wonders not only for the body, but the spirit and soul.

There is a field I ride through that inspired this recent painting called Summer’s End at Forbidden Meadow.

Summer's End at Forbidden Meadow (c) 2015 Holly TroyThe end of summer is usually a sad time for me, but my urge for creating will hopefully alleviate some of the sorrow. My paintings are coming out happy – it’s hard to believe that the green in this began as a black gash across the canvas.

I also have plans for a bit of close-to-home travel through November – including a 25-Hour bike race in Gooseberry, Utah with three other women (our team is called the Sparkle Covered Dirt Princesses!) I’m excited.

I got inspired to post today because I received a message from my friend, healer, and teacher Geordie Numata. He was talking about where he was during 9/11 and how much his life has changed since then. (He is a living miracle and beautiful, intelligent, compassionate human being. You should check out his story). I met Geordie not too long after 9/11. We have had some major adventures – from discussing music to aliens, to doing sweat lodge ceremonies, to meeting up in Peru to do reiki and acupuncture on people living in the Amazon! (9/11 is always a good reminder for me to check in with friends who are still living in New York).

Geordie is not only an incredible healer, but a very knowledgeable astrologer. He wrote a bit about the Virgo New Moon Eclipse that I would like to share with you. Besides the New Moon intentions I whole-heartedly recommend to everyone, Geordie gives us a little advice on handling the intense energies of this lunar cycle.

September will be a month to remember in which we can release large portions of the negativity and limitation which has held us down in density. There is a powerful portal of transformation which opens up today with this New Moon / Eclipse and climaxes with the Autumn Equinox on Sept. 23rd and the Super Full Moon in Aries / Total Lunar Eclipse on Sept. 28th.

Today’s New Moon is amplified by the Partial Solar Eclipse and with the Sun, Moon and Jupiter all in Virgo opposite Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, and Venus newly direct in Leo, we have upgraded values and want to get right to work applying them in our projects. The message is loud and clear now and it’s all about the Pisces / Virgo polarity (they’re opposite each other in the zodiac wheel) – it’s time to set New Moon intentions that aim us into deeper divine connection (Neptune / Pisces) funneled into fully grounded and practical service (Virgo / Mercury). There’s lots of details we’re dealing with now and we need to exercise patience with any delays or obstacles, perform due diligence (especially with research), go with the flow and remain confident that solutions exist. The energies are intense now with Pluto in Capricorn still square Uranus in Aries and Mars in Leo. We want to just bust through all the crap and get on with it, but may get easily irritated by the small stuff which must be dealt with in order to achieve the big stuff. This New Moon initiates a time of hard work that lasts right through into early December, and we must take care to stay calm and centered amidst the intensity which at times may seem dauntingly chaotic. Taking regular time out for R & R, exercise, prayer and meditation is more important than ever.

Autumn is coming. What do you want to bring into your life? Decide what it is and start making your moves! They can be tiny steps, but make them. The hard work G talks about above will pay off – and will also get the ball rolling on the theme for the next 30 days and the next 2.5 years of your life.

Peace and love everybody.


B-52s – Feel Good Vibes

Dancing is good for whatever’s ailing you – especially when the ailment is boredom, broken heart, anger, sadness, frustration, malaise . . .

I can step out of my blues almost anytime I shake it up with the B-52s.

Have a listen – and if you’re feeling too serious – shimmy those hips, jump up and down, just move!

Feeling alien maybe isn’t such a bad thing.

It’s all a state of mind.

The only way to ride.

Oh(m), Kate!

favorite places (c) Holly Troy 2015This summer has been full of change and twists and turns and hard work. I’ve been getting stronger as a rider while everything else feels like it’s either pressing in or slipping away. I’m finding comfort in movement, nature, art, and music.

So while I’m not writing as much, I am biking and painting and listening to music.

In case you didn’t know, I am a Kate Bush fan. In case you are, too, or are wondering why a person might adore Kate Bush – I’m sharing this BBC Documentary – The Kate Bush Story.

I am grateful for Kate Bush. She inspired me when I was a teenager, and she still inspires me today.

Eider Falls at Lake Tahoe is brilliant and stunning. This is from her latest album Fifty Words for Snow.


Always full of surprises.



Tom Thum Gets His Freak On


Tom Thum gets his freak on in the form of a human beatbox, and the results are fabulous! If you want to smile, I suggest checking out the Ted Video below. I fell in love with this kid!

So playful and happy!

Can you imagine what he’d be doing if he wasn’t doing this?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Photo I took today while out cycling . . .

Above the trail (c) 2015 Holly TroyThere were quite a few people out, enjoying the trails. It’s a wonderful place! But, I had the intense need to be alone today, so I bypassed some of the singletrack by riding the road for a bit. Looking down through the aspen, I can see singletrack. When I ride the singletrack, I’m aware of the road occasionally in the background, but I never notice being that close to the road.

Wine in the Summertime

Psychedelic ASpen © Holly Troy 2015

I love Eric Burdon and War. Spill the Wine is a classic, great song – and these guys take it up some serious notches when playing live.

I thank my friend Patrick for sharing with me – and now I share with you (as I’ve been too busy to write lately).

Super Sonic Live Action with Trippy Backdrop

Psychedelic Studio Grooviness

Grooving to the Love Vibration and a Past Blast

Videos from my musical past are starting to surface. I knew they were out there – it’s just been a long time since I’ve played or seen any live stuff.

The Halfbreeds artwork insert from the first single. Artwork by Siobhan Meow.

The Halfbreeds artwork insert from the first single. Artwork by Siobhan Meow.

I tried to convince myself that it was ok that I didn’t have any videos from shows I’ve done – but I have to be honest – coming across this video has really tickled me!

I remember this show. It was put on by Ivy Vale and was a tribute to Roky Erickson, founder of the 13th Floor Elevators. Ivy created these events called the Mind’s Eye, and this was the last Mind’s Eye event that I am aware of. Super groovy cuddly party vibe! I think this show happened in April, 1995, at a club called The Lion’s Den.

I think there is a video of the entire set – this is the second song of the set. It’s called Are You Gonna Be There (At the Love In) by the Chocolate Watchband.

The Halfbreeds are:
Francis Cricket (Dr. Francis DiDonato)- Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jamey Evans – Drums, Backing Vocals
Kate St. Claire – Bass
S. Frog (Sanford Santacroche) – Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
Holly Troy – Vocals