Born on a Thursday #34: I <3 My Bike

Late Fall in Flagstaff Town
Hotel Monte Vista (c) 2013 Holly TroyWhile riding my bike to meet my sweetheart at Madrid (a Spanish tapas restaurant here in Flagstaff), I noticed the orange of the Hotel Monte Vista sign glowing against turquoise blue sky.

I was waiting for the train to pass, and hoped to snap a picture while traffic was stopped. Of course, that required removing my gloves (which is no small feat with my broken pinky and fitting a glove around the splint), and then getting my phone and trying to see the image on the screen clearly (I smashed my phone a few months back, had initially decided to upgrade and haven’t done it yet for two reasons: financially I don’t have $100 to spare, and, now it has almost become an experiment to see how long I can use a broken phone), opening the camera and snapping the image.

No go! There was no way to get the gloves off quickly enough. So I took this pic as I got to Aspen and San Francisco. The light had changed a tad, but still a magical glow.

I <3 my Bike! (c) Holly TroyI am grateful the weather has been gorgeous this week! More beautiful days of cycling around town. I admit I am a little nervous about cycling in the winter, but, as I love cycling AND it’s my only mode of transportation, winter on bicycle is an adventure to be had!!

Born on a Thursday #27 – Finding Home

I met my friend Stacy on Tuesday night – we got together to write. I wrote this as a warm-up . . . 

Here I am writing on a Tuesday, but thinking about Thursday (Born on a Thursday). Actually I’m not thinking ’bout Thursday at all, I am thinking how much I love my friend Stacy and this gorgeous town I live in – and the people who live here.

Since going to New York and seeing my family I’d lost a little of my confidence – and I am questioning everything now – even though I know it’s ridiculous. I’m sitting with Stacy right now and we are writing!! Oh boy!

Before we started writing Stacy says to me – Of course you’re a little shaky. Don’t be so hard on your self. You’ve just been through a big break-up, you lost everything, you moved to a new home, you didn’t have a job, you started seeing a new guy, then you went back east and there’s all kinds of stuff going on with your family . . . just be kind to yourself. She reaches out and holds my hand. I give you permission to feel a little uncomfortable.

Well thanks, Girl!!

(Whew! Sometimes a little permission is all a person needs, and compassion, and kindness, and love . . . )

God, I love my peeps here. Honestly, I’m not that tough. Or maybe, I’m just tired of being tough. I am surrounded by a lot of people who love me, and that’s my choice. It’s taken years to cultivate my relationships  – and then some of my new relationships have fallen into place so easily I can hardly believe it! Though I do believe it, because I experience it.

I’m sitting here at Rendezvous, a hotel coffee shop/bar on the corner of San Francisco and Aspen. I like this place – it’s the place where I come when I don’t necessarily need to talk to people, but need to be among people. Of course, I end up talking to people usually anyway.

sunset from the front porch (c) holly troy 2013My heart feels so open – and has been for months now. I’m falling in love with Flagstaff all over again. I am in love with this place. The vibes ebb and flow here – the energy is light and warm right now – and I know, since I’ve done this seasonal dance several times already, that soon it will be cold and harsh and unforgiving – almost — it’s still so beautiful! Just when it seems like it’s too much, I think about summer here. No place compares.

I am remembering the cold caverns of ninth street, East Village, NYC. Fuck, that has got to be the coldest street in America – I mean the wind will whip through you so fast, so bitterly penetrating, you will feel like your bones are cold until July! And the gloomy sky is grey and feels like it’s hanging low, and the buildings are looming and stoney grey, and even the snow, is gritty and grey – for months. That won’t do.

Honestly, winter is just tough for me. It’s learning how to roll with it — get some snow shoes, proper clothing, prepare to turn inward. Yoga! Snuggling! Winter gear! Art! Reading! Fireplaces! 

I still find myself comparing Flagstaff to NYC. There is so much to do in NY, but natural beauty wins out today. It always has. I spent half my life living in NYC, and, for half that time feeling wistful about trees and fresh air and quiet. Ah. When I want noise now, I go to it, rather than try to shut it out. I love that.

Today, I sit in Rendezvous, facing San Francisco Street, the sun is setting, one of my best friends in the world is sitting next to me writing, too, the sweet man that I have been seeing these last couple of months is down the street having dinner with his mom, the weather is perfect, I get loads of exercise everyday, I eat well, I have a lot of laughter in my life – life is good!

I just looked at Stacy, she is smiling!!!!


Thanks for reading!
Om Namah Shivaya, 

Friendly Forests!

I just got back from hiking in the forest. I had the need to visit trees today, and it’s the visit among the trees that really grounded me back into being here in the high desert and feeling happy.

I have found myself (this week) telling too many stories about my past – but nature and trees and the big sky are really good for helping me get present. Meditation and yoga are good, but often solitary and sometimes lonely. A solitary hike in the woods doesn’t have the same kind of loneliness (ok, I did bring a dog, but . . . )

There is something wonderful about the trees!

When Dr. Simard starts talking about fungi, the first thing I thought of was a neural network. How cool!

forest near buffalo park (c) 2013 holly troy

Luck, Birds, Toys and Angels

lene_lovich-1Lene Lovich is one of my early musical influences. Someone told me that a photo of me reminded her of Lene Lovich. Her music is fun to revisit . . .

Kinda funny how when my Lucky Number’s One is easily changes to Two. Trick is to find balance – or maybe not – maybe it’s time to just dive the freak in.


Does balance dull things? Hmmm. Skimming the surface is not how I like to play, I like to dive deep and long. Maybe my balance is the cold mountain air!

Flitty, fluttery bride with black boots! Go!

Hilarious. So 80s.

How could I not love her humor, beauty, and drama? Not to mention that wild voice.

Lene Lovich LeneI found these videos on Lene Lovich’s website – Lene Lovich Band. She is touring in Europe!

* I could not find information on the photographers – so for now, they are unknown.

Born on a Thursday #23: Other Words for Beautiful

One morning I wrote I needed 100 other words for beautiful, since lately, beautiful is the word that I find myself using to describe life. There are more than 100 words listed here:

comely, attractive, handsome, seemly, becoming, sightly, eye-filling, pulchritudinous, beauteous, fair, pretty, bonny, shapely, well-proportioned, glamorous, sexy, charming, engaging, captivating, enthralling, enchanting, alluring, fascinating, winsome, winning, bewitching, enticing, tempting, seductive, ravishing, personable, pleasant, lovely, divine, graceful, elegant, artistic, delicate, dainty, excellent, superior, magnificent, gorgeous, fine, first-rate, first-class, prime, choice, select, exquisite, rare, superb, matchless, unequalled, nonpareil, resplendent, dazzling, radiant, shining, lustrous, effulgent, goodly, bright-eyed, curvaceous, proper, befitting, decorous, tasteful, decent, modest, correct, refined, cultivated, polished, harmonious, symmetrical, proportioned, pleasing, appealing, taking, interesting, fascinating, foxy, stunning, agreeable, canny, fair, striking, zingy, flattering, tasteful, aesthetic, picturesque, well-put-together, balanced,well-made, well-constructed, well-formed, liberal, considerable, sizable, goodly, large, big, bounteous, ample, sufficient, satisfactory, enough, more than enough, gracious, princely, noble, chivalrous, magnanimous, big, big-hearted, good-hearted, generous, great-hearted, munificent, open-handed, free, unselfish, unsparing, unstinting, lavish, dignified, alluring, engaging, cute, stylish, fashionable, chic, graceful, decent, worthy, fair of face, well-favored, built, stacked, zaftig, voluptuous, fetching, in full bloom, rosy-cheeked, glowing, sunny, bright, cloudless, clear, calm, halcyon, unblemished, untarnished, spotless, unstained, impeccable, pure, good, clean, virtuous, melodious, tuneful, dulcet, sweet-sounding, musical, silvery, velvety, smooth, golden, tantalizing, irresistible, provocative, intriguing, beguiling, intoxicating, ravishing, exciting, thrilling, spine-tingling, electrifying, hair-raising, far-out, rip-roaring, stimulating, stirring, rousing, inspiring, invigorating, excitant, excitative, moving, impelling, compelling, soul-stirring, heart-moving, overpowering, overwhelming, overcoming, arousing, sensuous, sensual, sexual, erotic, risqué, magnetizing, hypnotizing, mesmerizing, transporting, enjoyable, delightful, inducing, inflaming, dazzling, attractive, prepossessing, poised, composed, stable, even, equanimity, symmetry, equalized, poised, stabilized, steady, proportioned, aligned, progressive, enlightened, up-to-date, modern, open-minded, broad-minded, beneficient, charitable, humanitarian, royal, regal, lavish, profuse, rich, ample, copious, plenteous, plentiful, rife, luxuriant, extensive, broad, wide, far-reaching, wide-reaching, wide-ranging, wholesale, full, sweeping, large-scale, free, casual, unrestricted, nonrestrictive, extended, independent, free-spirited, individual, humanist, nature, natural

What are your favorite words for beautiful?


Have a great week ~


Born on a Thursday #21 – Saturday is the new Thursday

I know it’s Saturday. It has been a super hectic week. Lots of plans were made, and then many had to be changed because I couldn’t do them all.

This Saturday, I decided to rest. I napped a lot. Vacuumed the floors. Did things around the house to ground myself. It was the perfect thing to do after a hectic week. My original plan for today was to go to the Firefly Gathering. Last Saturday, I helped Jan prepare a dome and get the ground level (lots of digging rocks and building walls in the dirt) for the building of a gigantic mega-shrine.

IMG_3619Firefly is being held at a beautiful site, and I am sure it is amazing, but I just haven’t made it out there again. When it comes to being around hundreds of people at a festival, I know I need to be able to come and go as I please. Having no car at the moment makes coming and going a little more difficult. (Though not impossible – with the absolute groovy love vibe of Firefly, I’m sure I could hitch a ride at least on the way OUT easily. I am just not in the mind-frame to do that right now). My headspace has been more cuddly over big celebrations — or big celebrations in small doses.

I’m sure folks are having an amazing time. Though it was on the hot side today, these nights are perfect. Breezy and almost cool. Summer in Flagstaff!

appaloosa against blue-green barn (c) 2013 Holly Troy While working on the festival, I had a chat with this gorgeous Appaloosa. She was hanging out against a blue-green barn. Her coat is chalky grey, but her color seems to absorb the colors around her. Here, she takes on a green hue. As the sun sets, I imagine she glows purplish red. Just, wow. I love her.

The small breaks between social intensity are essential. It’s summer. It’s time to see people and be outside! Even if I walk or ride my bike to and from work, evening strolls complete the day. There is so much to see and wonder about.

IMG_3621The clouds are building for the monsoon season. Plants are blossoming already. With the rains, the flowers will be everywhere.

These feathery flowers are ready for rain – this photo was taken on a day a forest fire was blazing near Prescott.

This week looked like this:

Saturday – labor for Firefly, get filthy, meet new house guests while covered in dirt
Sunday – re-meet house guests, play darts with guest and room mate
Monday – work and play more darts – my arm hurts!
Tuesday – work, can’t remember but I know I went from morning to night because I didn’t have time to get my poems together for a poetry slam on Wednesday
Wednesday – work, go to volunteer meeting for the Clips, Beer & Film Tour, meet up with house guests and read at a poetry slam (the slam turned into a regular reading)
Thursday – work, volunteer bartend for Clips, Beer & Film Tour - Though I can’t drink beer, the night was perfect and I had FUN!!
Friday – work, prepare for trip to Bryce Canyon (I am so excited!!) – bon voyage night out dancing with Welsh and Irish soccer coaches – our house guests

Next week I will be in Bryce Canyon. I can’t wait!! Looking forward to what I will see and to having awesome company.

Thanks for reading. Have a beautiful week.

Om shanti -