I have known Holly Troy for several years, and have always loved her Energy . . . I have participated in Writing the Energetic Body only once before, and I AM beyond happy, excited and thankful that the opportunity has been presented to me, yet again.
My first experience with “W. E. B.” was incredibly powerful.  I learned more about myself, and experienced Healing Shifts in many areas, including but not limited to: physical, emotional, sexual, Spiritual, Psychic, financial, and romantic.
It certainly super-charged my writing, and my personal Self-Expression . . . I look forward to making the most of the investment in my Peace, Health and Plenty known as “Writing the Energetic Body: Pisces 2014.” ~ Robert Alvarez, author of blogs This is Who I AM and This Gay Man’s Life.

Hi Holly Happy New Year to you! Writing to share appreciation for the chakra meditation CD. I am in awe of the openings toward awareness and life altering experiences coming forward from this new alignment, sometimes moments or days after the meditations. What a gift! All the best to you! ~Susan S

I have been listening to [Journey through the Chakras] this past week to try to relax & it’s been working..You have that soothing yoga voice . . . I love the pool at twilight part with the fragrance of flowers and the waterfall washing away the stress. I so try to go to that place . . . It really relaxes me. I love it. ~ Lisa Rand Kominek

I’ve taken Holly’s workshops: Journaling through the Chakras 1 and 2. They were wonderful and I gained many insights about myself. I’ve taken many yoga classes taught by Holly and I always come out smiling. She is a remarkable teacher and an incredible human being. Holly emanates joy and love and happiness. ~ Dorlee Henderson

I was listening to some of your [Journey through the Chakras] tracks—really cool stuff. I just forwarded it to my friend who teaches Yoga. ~Lisa J.

There is an undercurrent of laughter that is present when ever Holly speaks – it is impossible not to enjoy being around her. ~ Suzanne Jobin

Journaling Through the Chakras with Holly was an emotionally releasing experience. I went to this workshop while I was up in Flagstaff for the Yoga Festival. What drew me first was the “Journaling” part because I used to fill journals from …my late teens into my early twenties. I was interested in putting my emotions to paper again in an enlightened and loving environment. This brought my thoughts and feelings to a whole other level. My words came from my higher self, a self that we all have and can easily fine tune with the right intention and experiences in our life. This experience for me was so right. I let a lot go that day that I never would before have even gave light to. Freedom is truly something you feel and letting all that go with the guidance of the sacred chakras and Holly’s meditative free flowing teaching made that possible. Her vibe cannot be taught. She is here as a gift from Universe to help others reach for their higher self and live in the light. ~ Sarah Waraksa

Holly, you are absolutely a Living Goddess of Permanent Prosperity. You bring your Sacred Folly to all and all Prosper. You bring Healing, through your Cosmic Creations, your Wise Words of Prosperity Power, and through your Financially Fulfilling Foolishness. You re-Mind all with whom you come in contact that we all have the Power to create Heaven on Earth RIGHT NOW! Holly, you are, indeed, a Living Goddess of Permanent Prosperity. ~ Robert Alvarez

I have to say that the sound of your voice – doesn’t matter much WHAT you are saying – sends me into a deep quiet and a restful isness.  I have to be very careful to have plenty of time to listen because it is so easy to “disappear” with it or within it. ~ Sandra Macintosh - sculptor (reviewing Journey Through the Chakras Meditation CD)

Holly is one of the most gifted and spiritually awakened people I’ve ever known. She is an excellent yoga teacher and Reiki Master as well as a very talented writer, poet, artist and singer. I heartily endorse her without reservation and am blessed to have her as a friend and colleague!”  ~ Geordie NumataCreator, Deer Spirit Reiki

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Writing the Energetic Body – Place, Somatics, and Self-Discovery – Next Session: May 2014

Writing the Energetic Body – Place, Somatics, and Self-Discovery
Soaring into the Summer – 21 Days of Writing Past the Mind and Into the Chakras – New Moon in Gemini, May 28th , 2014

My intention for Writing the Energetic Body is to explore coping with change, healing, and taking responsibility for our selves, our society, and our planet, through creativity and the creative process.

I’ve learned so much from my participants. Their writing is insightful and heartfelt and often quite moving. I have found myself moved to tears some days, and some days I am laughing out loud. Most of all, feeling a connection through written word brings me joy!

Writing the Energetic Body uses the seven major chakras of the Hindu Chakra system as the “backbone” for self-exploration through writing. We will explore each chakra for three days, resulting in 21 days of writing.

Why 21 days?

  • It takes 21 days to create a habit;
  • 21 days is an easy amount of time to commit to, and;
  • there is a lovely sense of movement, rhythm, and pace to the numbers three and seven

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the Messenger God and Ruler of Communication. Gemini energy is often talkative, restless, changeable, a little ungrounded, and full of fast-flowing ideas. An air sign, Gemini energy likes intellectual pursuits and mind games. With the moon in Gemini, it is a good time to write and examine patterns. Notice the air around you. Have the winds of spring begun to calm down, or are they still kicking up change? Through writing, we may rid ourselves of excess nervous energy by allowing its expression out on the page.

written in stone (c) 2011 Holly Troy

Written in Stone – Stone on the shaman’s altar – Amazonia, Peru

We will begin this session of Writing the Energetic Body with an intention setting ritual and ground it at the Root Chakra, stabilizing the Gemini energy into the Earth, and using that energy to sustain us as we move up through the body and the chakras to the Crown. We prepare to move from the restless energy of spring into the warm, flowing, sensual energy of summer.

Get ready to explore possibility, make (re)discoveries, release inhibition, and develop a writing practice.

Overview of the seven major chakras of the Hindu Chakra System:

1st Chakra – This is our entrance into the earthly plane, our right to be in the world. We will investigate issues surrounding survival and our “tribe”.
2nd Chakra – This is where we experience the power of relationships. We will plumb pleasure, sexuality, emotions, and the desire to create.
3rd Chakra – This is where we gain our sense of personal identity, power, and will. Who are you? What is your purpose?
4th Chakra – We will open to compassion, self-acceptance, and love.
5th Chakra – We will look at clear communication, self-expression, creativity and “Divine Will”. What happens when you speak your Truth?
6th Chakra – We will explore perception, clarity of vision, and psychic ability. How do you see the world? How does intuition and imagination expand your life experience?
7th Chakra – How do we understand the world? What is our connection to a Higher Power?

Some of the benefits of taking part in Writing the Energetic Body:

  • compassionately and creatively observe the Self
  • uncover hidden impulses, stories, and life patterns
  • awaken the body/mind
  • utilize the breath for presence in the moment
  • deepen and expand creative vision
  • loosen up and strengthen fluid writing

There is no need to “know” anything about the chakra system, our bodies physically and energetically hold information, and by freely writing we can tap into that knowledge.

Participants will receive daily writing prompts designed to stimulate a specific chakra for the given day in their in-boxes. We will explore each chakra for three days. We will spend only 30 minutes of writing on the given prompt. Participants will return their responses via email to me. Participants will also have the chance to upload their work to a private blog site to share and to give and receive feedback from other participants.

I will personally respond to your work via email.

What you get:

  • daily prompts;
  • feedback, and;
  • video instruction for movement, meditation, or breath work that will deepen the prompt for the day.

The additional instruction is so much fun — DIY videos from me getting you out of your head and into your body are a blast! Participants may use the additional instruction however they choose—and it is theirs to refer to whenever they like.

The cost for the 21-Day Workshop is $89.00 until May 6th. After May 6th, the price goes up to $98.00.

This is going to be a lot of fun, and, you will be creating a writing habit!

Register for the May 2014 Writing the Energetic Body here.

Sign up early. I respond to every participant; space is limited!

I look forward to exploring and playing with you!

nature nymph (c) Holly TroyPeace, love, and ink,



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