Yeehaw! 2008 New Year’s Eve Oms and Eats was a success

The fliers and postings on Facebook turned out to work really well. About 40 people turned up—it was amazing. I was expecting maybe about 15 to 20 people, but then, I heard there was a huge response from facebook – so – I created extra goodies because I had a feeling I’d better. I am so grateful I did because if I hadn’t, I would not have had enough to pass out. The event would have been embarrassing! I spent all day getting the extra items together.

Also, I served tea – I had enough for 60 cups and had to make more. People were coming back for seconds. They loved the tea! I hope they buy some – some folks were talking about buying some – so, we’ll see! I had to make more. I also passed around chocolates.

The OM was astounding! We went on for about 7 minutes.

The pot luck rocked as well. Someone even brought in sushi! People were just all around generous and thoughtful.

It felt much better than a rock and roll show – and – funny
to say – even more people showed up than many of the shows I’ve played! 🙂

Paul, the director of Mountain Waves took photos – so hopefully some came out well. I wish I took some. I suppose as I do these events more, I will get stuff like photography and guest book signing down. I intend to make events and workshops a big part of my life – so it’s bound to happen.

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