After Klimt

After Klimt © October, 2022

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Field of Flowers

After Image – Field of Flowers – Holly Troy 1998

Is Meta the Upside Down?

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Casting Spells into the New Known

Annabelle falls into the practice of Witchcraft after meeting Leeleelala in a thrift shop. Meanwhile the tenants of her building are blaiming her for the electrical blackouts. With Katrina Mitilenes, Lauren LoGiudice, Veronica Zouiwitch, Lea Furnion and Friends and Family. With a special appearance from Nick Zedd of the Cimema of Transgression and a tour of the Jonas Mekas exhibition at Ki Smith Gallery. Songs by Amanda Dutkiewics, Katrina Mitilenes and Stevie Weinstein-Foner. Music by Kit Krash and Jackson Scott.

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