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Bill Plotkin tonight

Went to Northern Arizona University to check out a talk by Bill Plotkin. He wrote Soulcraft and Nature and the Human Soul (which is an excellent book) and is the founder of the Animus Valley Institute. He began the talk by saying, "I am a cultural change agent, a nature-based underworld guide." And he wasn't ...




I Love 1.2

I love how it smells outside now that monsoon season has started. I love that the clouds are so colorful and big. I love the mountains behind my house. I love that my boyfriend let me sleep in on Sunday, even though I said I wanted to get up at 8:30. I was tired! I ...


40. A stroll in the woods does a girl good

I love that my boyfriend says I’m powerful and is not afraid of my power. I love that I can go for a walk in be in the national forest within minutes from my house. I love that I am writing and getting ideas again. I love that I am happy enough t be creative. ...


Howdy from Flagstaff 03/02/2008

I filed for divorce. I finally figured out that I can file from Arizona since I'm a citizen here, rather than NY. I also figured out that as an Arizona citizen I didn't have to wait a year to file! Ah well, a year has passed. In a little more than a month I shall have the divorce decree. I am grateful I don't have to come back to NY to file--and it's a lot cheaper to file from here than there.