PSA: The Fugs will perform “Exorcism of the White House” – May 30, 2017

As announced on Facebook by the Fugs:

In 1967, one of America’s most original bands, The Fugs, went to Washington D.C. on a mission to levitate the Pentagon and exorcise the evil war-mongers who were expanding the Vietnam War. NOW – 50 years later, The Fugs (Ed Sanders, Scott Petito, Steve Taylor and Coby Batty) have returned to save us all from the new crop of evil-doers who have taken up residence in the White House. With the inspiration and guidance of Ed Sanders, Bob Holman, and the spirit of Tuli Kupferberg, Chuck Smith created a music video to accompany The Fugs brand-new song “Exorcism of the White House.”


The Fugs will perform a live version of “Exorcism of the White House” on Tuesday afternoon, May 30, at The Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C., as part of a Veterans for Peace Rally.


In all serious playfulness – it’s more important than ever for us to make art, make music, write, create! Sacred Folly!

I’m glad the Fugs are still at it!

Peace and love!

*Image above: photographer unknown – if anyone knows, please let me know

Touch of Creole

I voted weeks ago. – I’d love to escape into the forest today. A little bird told me it’s ok to get away.


A little music and a little peace.


Daughter Muse and Time Slipping

I love Richard Butler even more after seeing him perform last night. He looked so happy and sounded better than ever – and he had so much vigor!

In the video below he talks about his process of painting and the process of touring his music . He’s a delight!

Thanks for your creative soul, Mr. Butler!

* * * *

I know the feeling of not having the chance to paint because of other creative projects. I’ve been going through stacks of journals and finding quick drawings that I saved for a later time. The time is now. Below is one of my “for another time” drawings.




Muse Break

Going to see the Psychedelic Furs tonight!!

and the Church!

Both bands were big influences for me musically! So excited!

White Rabbit on a Rainy Day

Monday’s Music.

What I’m listening to today – Jefferson Airplane :


Wine in the Summertime

Psychedelic ASpen © Holly Troy 2015

I love Eric Burdon and War. Spill the Wine is a classic, great song – and these guys take it up some serious notches when playing live.

I thank my friend Patrick for sharing with me – and now I share with you (as I’ve been too busy to write lately).

Super Sonic Live Action with Trippy Backdrop

Psychedelic Studio Grooviness

Grooving to the Love Vibration and a Past Blast

Videos from my musical past are starting to surface. I knew they were out there – it’s just been a long time since I’ve played or seen any live stuff.

The Halfbreeds artwork insert from the first single. Artwork by Siobhan Meow.
The Halfbreeds artwork insert from the first single. Artwork by Siobhan Meow.

I tried to convince myself that it was ok that I didn’t have any videos from shows I’ve done – but I have to be honest – coming across this video has really tickled me!

I remember this show. It was put on by Ivy Vale and was a tribute to Roky Erickson, founder of the 13th Floor Elevators. Ivy created these events called the Mind’s Eye, and this was the last Mind’s Eye event that I am aware of. Super groovy cuddly party vibe! I think this show happened in April, 1995, at a club called The Lion’s Den.

I think there is a video of the entire set – this is the second song of the set. It’s called Are You Gonna Be There (At the Love In) by the Chocolate Watchband.

The Halfbreeds are:
Francis Cricket (Dr. Francis DiDonato)- Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jamey Evans – Drums, Backing Vocals
Kate St. Claire – Bass
S. Frog (Sanford Santacroche) – Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
Holly Troy – Vocals

Born on a Thursday #33: Happiest Halloween Ever!

I’m back! A day late, yes, but Halloween is like Christmas. A friend from out of town was visiting, a birthday party, costume production for myself and assisting my sweetheart, meeting new people, and, the MEAT PUPPETS!!

The Meat Puppets blew me away – perfectly psychedelic with a little country and punk rock thrown in (or maybe they were perfectly punk rock country with a little psychedelic thrown in – they were just WOW). I haven’t been so happy at a show in a long time! I could not have thought of better energy to bring into my life on Samhain. Yes.

I have never had so much fun getting ready for Halloween than I did this year. Turns out J is a blast to get dressed up with. Hurray! I was a Nature Nymph and J was Fidel Castro. Much running around was had finding the right materials for Castro’s beard.

Wow! What a great day. Tonight I’m going to make a list of the things I want to let go of – and what I want to bring into my life. A quiet evening for a change.

Tomorrow night is the Day if the Dead Procession, and Sunday is my workshop Going Deep ~ Sojourn at The Underworld. (I’m so excited, there is going to be a labyrinth, and a fire, and surprises!!)

nature nymph - holly troyOm Shanti!!

Happy Turning of the Wheel! Happy New Moon in Scorpio Solar Eclipse (use the time wisely . . . )

Thanks for reading,


World of Acid – Lost and (almost) found Artwork

While searching for something else on the internet – I found The World of Acid!

I designed this album cover for Parallel World’s release of The World of Acid. It is a compilation of rare tracks of acid/psych music from the 60s. I think the album is at my mother’s house, or maybe my sister’s house. Well, I can’t imagine it’s doing well.

Everything on this cover is hand-drawn; it took a really long time to do. I was traveling and really had no other choice, so I left the original artwork (24″ x 36″ on acid-free paper) with my friends at the record company. I have no idea if it still exists. Maybe my copy of the lp will turn up (and perhaps a larger jpeg, too).

Looks like this album is becoming a collector’s item.