February 2020 Happenings

Musical Happenings

February 2nd: Planet Sandwich Album Release – Quiche!

PSLOGOBW5I am so excited that Planet Sandwich is releasing their third album! I am a guest singer on the record. 

Rock from a forgotten era when beats shook your body and words wrestled your soul.

Planet Sandwich let seasoned engineer David James at Mudshark Studios work his magic capturing full, unbridled energy. With minimal over-dubs and lots of live solos the latest album “Quiche” feels raw, yet nicely polished. Cover tunes from The Unicornicopians and former member Peter Perreault spice up the album nicely. “The Tardigrade” and “Zombies” are instant classics the band is honored to perform.

Listen to samples and get the Digital Download available through CD Baby – check it out here

Physical CD is available through the Planet Sandwich website.

They have also created a t-shirt for the hit song – Tardigrade. Buy them here!

February 7th: Lumberyard Brewery ~ Happy Hour Happening for the Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival

The Conduits

Flagstaff New Americana. Check out our folk-ified versions of old-time, country, alternative, and original music complete with haunting harmonies and distinctive interpretations.

Tonight’s line-up:

Heather Malloy on stand up bass, percussion and vocals
Holly Troy on vocals and percussion – maybe I will play guitar as well
Paul Perreault on guitar and vocals

Lumberyard Brewery: 5 S San Francisco St, Flagstaff, AZ 86001

February 22nd: The Redifusion / A Music For Charity Event

Firecreek Coffee Company – Saturday, February 22, 2020 at 7 PM – 12 AM


The Redifusion is a “rock potluck” where we bring together 25 members picked from 25 different bands to form 6 new groups with new names that will perform for the first time together on stage at the event.

Each of the new groups meet on the morning of the event to write two original songs, learn one cover and come up with a band name. That night they perform at Firecreek Coffee Company – Flagstaff in front of their fans, friends and peers for charity!

25 musicians
25 different bands
6 new bands formed
1 night only!

Hosted by Mudshark Recording Studios, Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy and Firecreek Coffee Company

Firecreek Coffee Company, 22 E Route 66, Flagstaff, Arizona 86001


February 23rd – 10 am to 12 pm: Astro Luna Yoga ~ Pisces New Moon Exploration

Northern Arizona Massage Therapy, 2708 N. 4th Street, Suite B-1, Flagstaff, AZ 86001

This is going to be really freakin’ good and deep – and Pisces wouldn’t have it any other way! In thisAstro Luna Yoga session we are going to talk astrology, learn about moon cycles (not just the 29-day cycles, but longer, overarching cycles), effectively setting intentions, the energy of Pisces and what areas of your life it effects, and, we will embody Pisces through breath work, meditation, asana and movement.

Learn more about Astro Luna Yoga here.

Space is limited!

Register today – $25.00 in advance/$30.00 at the door

Northern Arizona Massage Therapy, 2708 N. 4th Street, Suite B-1, Flagstaff, AZ 86001


Yoga for the Rest of Us at Northern Arizona Massage Therapy

Classes are gentle yet challenging, focused on awareness of the breath and the body.


Tuesday Feb. 4th 5:30
Wednesday Feb, 5th, 8:30
Monday Feb. 10th 8:30
Tuesday Feb. 11th, 5:30
Wednesday Feb, 12th 8:30
Friday Feb, 14th 8:30

Subbing for Kristina. Classes are one hour long.

Space is limited!

$15 per class

Northern Arizona Massage Therapy, 2708 N. 4th Street, Suite B-1, Flagstaff, AZ 86001


Mid to Late February: Astro Luna Tarot Readings, rolling with the new moon rather than the month

Look out for the latest videos!