Happenings – September and some October 2021

Rockin’ Out

I’ve been up and buzzing since 6:30 this morning. Lofi Sofias rocked an awesome rehearsal last night for a first-time ever acoustic gig. Lauren joined us with conga drums and bongos – a new addition of solid percussion. Most songs work exactly as is, while we rearranged a few of the songs that were throbbing punk into swinging sultry soulful blues – they sound good. Get your hankies out, these songs are gonna make you cry (or sweat).

Commentary that blew my mind after the practice – “You sound like Nirvana unplugged meets Crosby, Stills & Nash.” You will hear no complaints from me with that description!


Oh! Oh! I am moving out of the house I’ve lived in for the last couple of years and have no place to move to, yet. So, it’s camping in the woods for a week, then a road trip to see some friends and my mom (she’s turning 80!), with a few gigs in between. We are calling the trip “Tour du Jour” – a few plans and a lot of winging it day by day.

For the last few months life really has been one day at a time. Perhaps one minute at a time. I’m trying. Almost, almost. hanging on a little bit too much to the future and the past – but – there is nothing like moving that puts a person in the moment. Flagstaff is one of those places where it’s tough to find a place to rent because housing is either on sale or on Air BnB. I’m feeling ok though. I will find a place here or I won’t – and life will go on.

As I write this, Paul is in the kitchen making all sorts of noise. Clanking the coffee pot – groaning and sighing – so dramatic. He is often cranky in the morning – and I think doubly so when he finds me on the computer. All the moaning and groaning though – you’d think I live with my grandfather!

Three references to the Beatles this morning!

  • The first one from FarOut Magazine and the heartbreaking account of Ringo Starr talking to Barbara Walters about John Lennon’s murder. Oh! My heart still aches today over his death.
  • The second, The Lyrics — by Paul McCartney is coming out with a book collection in November. Yes! And the background music for the ad – Calico Skies – my aching heart again. 
  • And finally, a fellow December 24th Capricorn wrote tome from Africa and told me to check out the Mars placements of all the Beatles. 

On my Beatles morning, Paul grumpily says, “Google got you.” Fine. Google spying on me or not, Beatles is better than cellulite cream

So – before I get back to painting and packing, I wanna share the clearest schedule I have for the next month or so. 

Art Party and Musical Fundraiser for moving and Tour du Jour

Sunday, August 29h, 3:00 to 7:00 pm pacific
my house and online 

Paul and I will be performing on FB live at 5pm – and other musicians may join

House is open from 3 to 7 for art show, music, fun and snacks 

Paul and I both have art for sale

Paul is showing and selling his Awfully Good Art Collection – an assortment of cherished collectibles saved from thrift stores. (Ideally we will have pics of everything by the end of today)

Here is a sample of Paul’s Awfully Good Art Collection – 20 Years in the Making . . . 


The Conduits or Holly and Pauly at Art in the Park

Saturday, September 4th, 10:30 am pacific 
Wheeler Park – Flagstaff, AZ

The return of the Lofi Sofias at Art in the Park

rehearsal lofi sofias photo by Paul Perreault

Monday, September 6th, Labor Day, 12:30 pm (afternoon) pacific
Wheeler Park – Flagstaff, AZ

Our first gig since December 2019!!! The last gig we had booked in March 2020 was canceled due to the Covid lockdown.

For Art in the Park, we are rockin’ out acoustically – a super fun twist to a usual garage punk sound.

A very Flagstaff show.

Mom’s Birthday! Mom turns 80!

Tuesday, September 7th

182090_10150195884574616_5960580_nI’ll be missing the actual day of mom’s birthday – but I’ll be leaving Flagstaff the next day. i am a little sad to be missing her actual birthday. She has been suffering from strokes and arthritis over the last decade, she gets around on a scooter these days, but she is happy. She lives with her sister, my Aunt Penny, and their very spoiled Bernese Mountain Dog, Cayenne. 

If you wanna brighten her day – drop her a line!

Jo Ann Palmer
PO Box 153
Elizaville, NY 12523

This pic of Mom circa early 1970s,


Tour du Jour – Paul and I hit the road

Wednesday, September 8th

Rockin’ on the Rooftop Show

Friday, September 10th – time tbd
Denver, Colorado

Essential Festival

Saturday, September 18th – time tbd
Wilmington, Delaware

Film Production – Real Lives, Real Music

end of September
Bangor, ME

Dreaming (in) Cyan – Art Opening at the Heart Box Gallery

downtown beat by Holly Troy 36 x 36 inches oil on canvas © Holly TroyFriday, October 1st, 6 to 8 pm pacific
Facebook live talk at 5:30

17 N. San Francisco Street, Suite 1B
Downtown Flagstaff

Gallery Hours: Thursday – Saturday 11-6pm
The piece shown here is called Downtown Beat. oil on canvas, 36″ x 36″. 


Instagram Live Talk with Jill Sans and the Heart Box

Thursday, October 14 at 3pm pacific

Instagram! @the_heartbox

I will probably do some sort of workshop or live music (or both) to go with the show at the Heart Box. Jessica (Lofi Sofias) and I are talking about playing together as a duo. 

Looking for a place to live

To be or not to be (in Flagstaff ) – that is the question. Maybe I will find the answer while I’m traveling. I’ll be looking for a place to live when I return from the Tour du Jour. I have a very strong feeling I will have more answers as to what my next plan and place is. 

Tarot Readings

I am offering offering three styles of tarot readings while on the road – though my schedule will be limited. 

I’m really excited to say, I’ve honed in the layout for Astro Luna Tarot. If you want to go for a deep dive into tarot and lunar magic – this is the reading for you! Next level!

It was an honor to do an Astro Luna Tarot reading for tarot scholar Jordan Hoggard. I was thrilled to receive this review: “Excellent reading with broad depth and expansive value to steep in and digest. Amended the soil in my Soul Garden!”

Jordan is author and creator of Tarot in the Land of Mysterium: An Imagination Primer. His deck and book are also featured in Tarot. The Library of Esoterica by Taschen Books. 

Click here to see my schedule and book a reading. 

Have a great shift into the next season!

The times they are a-changin’! May the transition into the next season be graceful, joyous, and filled with beauty and love.