March 2021 Happenings


The Lofi Sofias

We have been in pre-production for our debut album. Jessica and I wanted to have the album out by now (of course), but with the pandemic, progression is slow. We are all at different levels of comfortability being in the same room together, and we also have different timing regarding vaccinations, but we are making due by rehearsing outdoors and some of us are getting together at Mudshark Recording Studios and doing the preliminary work for us all to be able to work successfully during recording. 

Here we are testing tempos in the studio – Ringo, the pug who lives at Mudshark takes scratch tracks very seriously!

The Lofi Sofias has a website – 

lofi-sofias-logo-t-shirt--2000x2000We also have a shop on Threadless. We have one design available so far for t-shirts, mugs, tote bags, beach towels – everything a fan could want next to the actual album or seeing us live! 

The Lofi Sofias on Threadless – check out our shop

Not much is open yet for playing live music. However, our rehearsals are becoming quite the spectacle. They tend to happen on Saturday afternoons – between 2 and `4. Neighbors pull up chairs, bring drinks, dance with their kids. It’s understood we are practicing – but it’s been great – because ya know, even though we are working stuff out and fine tuning songs for the album, stepping things up for showmanship is making us work just a little harder, which yields better results.

Also, it’s fun! It’s nice to know that people are enjoying the music – sometimes it’s hard playing to the void otherwise. Feedback really helps. 


Tarot Readings – Check out my calendar for availability!

Or contact me directly.

Some reasons and occasions for a tarot reading:

  • It’s the New Year
  • It’s your birthday
  • The seasons are changing
  • You are planning a 90-day sprint with your goals
  • You are at a crossroads
  • You need some perspective
  • You would like confirmation
  • Your life has taken an unexpected turn
  • You have plans to make a change in your life

April Fool’s Journey – the trip through the major arcana continues!

Next month the new April Fool’s Journey begins! 

Visual Art

Stay tuned for more painting and drawings. 

Dismantled Project

I am using cardboard to explore the process of making in a new way, of tearing down a structure and repurposing it in a way that pleases me. The ritual of taking apart and rebuilding is soothing when I think of it as a response to the breaking down of our social structures since the pandemic.

There are so many ideas piling up in my mind I can’t see them all clearly. They don’t stop coming, they keep showing up. I had to start somewhere and release the bottleneck. I am letting them come out, one at a time, and laying them down as quickly as possible. This project is both a prelude to more work on canvas, and, an offering of a more affordable alternative to my canvas pieces.

I am resuming this work – check back in soon to see more pieces. 


Yoga in the Yard

After a winter break we are back! I am teaching the first class of 2021 – and it happens on the Equinox!

Here’s the announcement as it happened on Facebook:

Let’s get back in balance with a spring equinox yoga session at the Tree Park!
Come practice community yoga with your neighbors right here in West Flagstaff! We gather for an hour to engage with yoga, movement, healing and each other in a beautiful outdoor setting – the park! We share instruction between yoga teachers in the community and create a space and time for those interested to come together and create a community of practice and see what evolves! We welcome folks that are new to yoga and experienced practitioners.
This week’s session will be led by the wonderful Holly Troy! 

Saturday March 20
10:30 – 11:30 am
Tree Park / James Cullen Park – FLAGSTAFF, AZ

Please bring a mat, any props you need, and drinking water.
Participation is free.
Donations to teachers are appreciated.
(Venmo: cosmic-holly-troy; Paypal:
For more information please contact: Holly ( or
Jessica (
These classes happen every Saturday at 10:30 – I sometimes teach and sometimes I am a student. 

For my class on the Equinox – the Sun’s movement into Aries. It’s the astrological new year. Think about some intentions that you would like to fortify, or new intentions since the Winter Solstice. What new dreams have come through in this last month of winter?

We are going to build some energy to put those dreams into motion! 

This is going to be a short workshop/yoga class with an emphasis on movement and the astrology of Spring!


Happy March!
peace and love,
March 19, 2021
Flasgatff, AZ