Astro Luna Yoga

Astro Luna Yoga

We are celestial bodies, dancing with the vibrations of the universe — the stars, the planets, and each other. We become conscious co-creators when we tune into and flow with the cadence of the cosmos.

Why the Moon?

The closest and most visible heavenly sphere, the moon, sets up a substantial visceral experience of the dance. Our bodies are made of around 60 percent water, and the moon, like its pull on the earth’s tide, has an influence on our emotional and physical energies.

Did you know you can coordinate decisions, intention-setting, and acting on plans for your life with the moon’s cosmic influence?

Each mo(o)nth, the moon moves through a new position of fertile focus based on the astrological placement of the New Moon phase. In Astro Luna Yoga, you will learn how to most potently tap into the celestial power period of the month to seed your intentions, concentrate your potential for creative manifestation, and move through growth with grace, agility, and confidence.

What will I learn from this?

Participants will:

  • receive a short astrology lesson with a focus on the lunar cycle and the moon’s energy based on its position in the zodiac
  • learn the fundamentals of electional astrology and the power of working with lunar rhythms for potent goal setting
  • explore the astrological energy of the moon through movement and asana, meditation, visualization, and pranayama (breathwork)
  • awaken the body/mind and deepen the cosmic/somatic experience of the lunar cycles
  • develop a deeper understanding of the subtle self in connection with the cosmos
  • deepen and expand creative vision toward a more conscious experience of co-creation
  • have fun

What if I don’t have experience?

No astrology or yoga experience is required.

Please wear comfortable, loose clothing to allow for ease of movement, and bring a journal and something to write with.

Why practice with me?

I am an experienced yoga teacher and workshop leader. My classes are gentle, playful, and relaxing.

I was first introduced to yoga as therapy for an injury when I was 18 and have been practicing ever since. I fell in love with the benefits of yoga and became certified as an instructor through the Sivananda lineage in 1996. Since then, I have deepened my investigation of the body’s subtle energies through the practice and teaching of reiki; the study of kundalini and tantra yoga; being a student and practitioner of astrology and tarot; the creation of several visualization meditations; and the development of workshops involving yoga, meditation, the mind/body connection and creativity. All of these methodologies have enriched my understanding of integrative health, relational physiology, and body awareness. I am also a musician and performer, artist, life model, and writer.