3. Love

I love that I am probably going to be asleep tonight before 10 pm. i love that i am going to be teaching yoga on Saturday—even though I am a little bit nervous about it.I love that I can list what I Love.I love my roommates, I love their catsI love RandyI love that I ...


8. Lorna Dee

Poem for the Fifth Anniversary (And one year after you) I’m hearing surf in the traffic, a constant that reminds me of you. A single passing in the dark madrugada, this stillness dripping city before the gunnings and get aways resume. I caught you in the updraft, uplifted. Can’t say, let down. While all around, ...


Love on Day 2

I love that I am not at work right now I love th esunsetI love fresh air, flowers, warmthI love RandyI love having such good friends that I can laugh and smile and talk philosophically for hours at a timeI love that I am going to be teaching my first yoga class in a long ...


so sleepy

Am dog-sitting for a friend—was the first night last night, barely slept last. What a difficult day I had. I’m so tired!Two beagles.Solidifying my decision not to have children.See more progress on: sleep at least 7 hours a night


Day 7 – Mantra break

Took my small mantra beads with me to work. Walked to the courthouse at lunch to file a “No Reponse Default” for my divorce. On the way there I did my mantra and enjoyed a pleasant sunny day. I was pretty hungry, but decided to take care of business first. It’s about a 15 or ...


Sun Habit Day 2

Spent a lot of time in the sun. I went hiking with my friend Linda and her two dogs. Flagstaff has so many cool places to go. We hiked 6 or 7 miles through canyons.Just finished my 12 sun salutations, too!~ Great way to stretch the lower back, thighs, quads, groin. Strengthens the wrists, forearms, ...


Love Day 2

I love Stephanie, Leslie, LInda, Randy, Randi, Anthony, Mom, Sandra, KErry, LAura, Joe K, music, rock-n-roll, being a performer, teaching, laughter, bicycles i love beets I love olive oil, garlic, greens I love hiking I love blue skies, the sun, mountains, fresh air, space, smoke-free environments I love my bones I love yoga, breathing I ...


Sun Habit Day 1

I did 12 lovely sun salutations to Portishead – Dummy My arms are getting stronger.


I Love Day 1

I love my room mate’s cats—and I’m a dog personI love that my friends are so caring and generousI love the sun, the mountains, the blue sky that it’s springthat I am ready to be more activeThat I have been focusing on yoga for the last 9 monthsI love moto guzzisI love the quiet * ...


Om Shanti-day 5

I have been chanting my mantra “Om Aim Saraswatiai Swaha” 108 times for the last 5 days. Today, I walked and chanted it. By the time I returned, I felt completely ecstatic, like my body had picked up the rhythm of the mantraSee more progress on: say my mantra 108 times for the next 108 ...

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