lovin’ 3

I love my room mate’s cat, he’s snuffin’ around my room I love yummy dinners that I’ve made myselfI love kissing and snugglingI love the moonI love that it’s almost fullI love that it’s ThursdayI love that I have a whole slew of ideas for my workshopI love ramblin’ I love my friends back east ...


Quit the Corporate World

The life was being sucked out of me to the point where I was physically ill! I was going into work everyday with knots in my stomach-at 35 years-old I was diagnosed with diverticulitis. (easy explanation-an ulcer in my large intestine due to stress)I said, “No more! I’m not living like this!”It can be done. ...


Love love love day 2

I love that I can have long conversations with the same person night after night and still have somethign new to sayI love loveI love that I am feeling betterI love that I can do this listI love beets, kale, feta, carrots, sunflower seeds, my rice bread, red wine, apple juice, heirloom tomatoes, olive oil, ...


Love, starting over Day 1

I love that I hiked the Grand Canyon and lived!I love that so many people care about meI love that I work in a humane environment—at last!I love that I am aking steps to get to grad schoolI love that I had the most beautiful couple of weeks with a very loving personI love that ...


28. Oh, Rumi!

674 You don’t have “bad” days and “good” days. You don’t sometimes feel brilliant and sometimes dumb. There’s no studying, no scholarly thinking having to do with love. but there is a great deal of plotting, and secret touching, and nights you can’t remember at all. 77 677 There is a light seed grain inside. ...



I’m pooped, but will share more about this adventure when I recover!See more progress on: Hike in the Grand Canyon



I’m hiking the Grand Canyon tomorrow~See more progress on: Hike in the Grand Canyon


New Moon April

Looking over my list-it’s a new moon today. Good to throw some energy into what I want from my life. It seems like a swirl, some things lead to another-which is good. I’m glad everything is not all separate and disjointed. As I get closer to one goal, I get closer to others. Of course, ...


Step one

I set up an appointment at NAU with an advisor to discuss Creative Writing. I meet with him next Monday!


Flag Update for 3/31/08

Happy April Everyone!Quick note saying hello. I've been extremely busy these last couple of weeks. I've been gearing up for my workshop (or as my friend Robert would say, "playshop"), been very busy at work and trying to get a promotion (important because there is pretty much a salary freeze happening at NAU), I taught ...

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