I must start over today

I missed yesterday. Went out after work—had a GREAT time, but, alas, no sun salutations made it into my schedule yesterday.See more progress on: create a new habit - Do 12 sun salutations a day for the next 21 days.


found poem, letter from P – or – Hotel in Venice

3/20 (letter from P) - Hotel in Venice .... I am in Venice.... a little lonely at this moment but thinking of you before the need. And, yes i'm awake at the time I could sleep. jet lag. One thing I love about this place is that they iron the sheets and change them daily. ...


Day 2 – June Jordan

After All is SAid and Done June JordanSee more progress on: read a poem a day for 90 days


I need to go before monsoon season this year

Last year was so much fun. Beauty is everywhere I look!See more progress on: climb mt. humphrey's again


Day 3 – Sivananda Style

Today I did my sun salutations Sivananda Style, with back knee to the ground, no high lunges like i usually do. My quads got a serious workout yesterday, they just needed some stretching today.Yoga makes doing just about everything easier—not just physically either.See more progress on: create a new habit - Do 12 sun salutations ...


Day 1 – June Jordon

I Must Become A Menace to My Enemies – June Jordan


Day 1 of 108 mantra repetitions for 108 days

I will allow the grace of the goddess to flow through me. Saraswati. Goddess!


21 sunny days

I know it takes 21 days to form a habit, and I want to make sure I am doing at least SOME yoga every day. I like the way I feel when I do yoga, and 21 sunny days sounds like a great way to welcome spring and get my body ready for everything else ...


Coming Soon!

I'm teaching!http://www.mwhealingarts.com/workshopjournalchakras.htm


Bio for Teaching at Mountain Waves Healing Arts Center

Writing is an act of excavating, an uncovering of layers and discovering our own depths and imagination. Many people view writing as a lonely craft. Holly believes that when we are present and honest on the page, we can take that experience into our lives and have richer, more dynamic relationships.

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