so sleepy

Am dog-sitting for a friend—was the first night last night, barely slept last. What a difficult day I had. I’m so tired!Two beagles.Solidifying my decision not to have children.See more progress on: sleep at least 7 hours a night


Day 7 – Mantra break

Took my small mantra beads with me to work. Walked to the courthouse at lunch to file a “No Reponse Default” for my divorce. On the way there I did my mantra and enjoyed a pleasant sunny day. I was pretty hungry, but decided to take care of business first. It’s about a 15 or ...


Sun Habit Day 2

Spent a lot of time in the sun. I went hiking with my friend Linda and her two dogs. Flagstaff has so many cool places to go. We hiked 6 or 7 miles through canyons.Just finished my 12 sun salutations, too!~ Great way to stretch the lower back, thighs, quads, groin. Strengthens the wrists, forearms, ...


Love Day 2

I love Stephanie, Leslie, LInda, Randy, Randi, Anthony, Mom, Sandra, KErry, LAura, Joe K, music, rock-n-roll, being a performer, teaching, laughter, bicycles i love beets I love olive oil, garlic, greens I love hiking I love blue skies, the sun, mountains, fresh air, space, smoke-free environments I love my bones I love yoga, breathing I ...


Sun Habit Day 1

I did 12 lovely sun salutations to Portishead – Dummy My arms are getting stronger.


I Love Day 1

I love my room mate’s cats—and I’m a dog personI love that my friends are so caring and generousI love the sun, the mountains, the blue sky that it’s springthat I am ready to be more activeThat I have been focusing on yoga for the last 9 monthsI love moto guzzisI love the quiet * ...


Om Shanti-day 5

I have been chanting my mantra “Om Aim Saraswatiai Swaha” 108 times for the last 5 days. Today, I walked and chanted it. By the time I returned, I felt completely ecstatic, like my body had picked up the rhythm of the mantraSee more progress on: say my mantra 108 times for the next 108 ...


the rest of my adventure list beyond 43 things

I suppose I’ll have to add these as I complete other things. Many of the things I want to do are done over time (hence the 30 days, 90 days things). But then, I suppose, many goals are done over time, we just take small steps and then we’re there. Right now i’ll let the ...


Writing is ecstacy

Do this for the next yearSee more progress on: write for at least an hour every day


I must start over today

I missed yesterday. Went out after work—had a GREAT time, but, alas, no sun salutations made it into my schedule yesterday.See more progress on: create a new habit - Do 12 sun salutations a day for the next 21 days.

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