Howdy from Flagstaff 03/02/2008

I filed for divorce. I finally figured out that I can file from Arizona since I'm a citizen here, rather than NY. I also figured out that as an Arizona citizen I didn't have to wait a year to file! Ah well, a year has passed. In a little more than a month I shall have the divorce decree. I am grateful I don't have to come back to NY to file--and it's a lot cheaper to file from here than there.


where asteroids come from

This poem is being published in Earth's Daughter's magazine "Fragments" issue. It should be out soon.


Tribal Illness?

I've been reading Carolyn Myss' book, Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing, and she links the 1st Chakra with our "Tribe" and with survival. The 1st chakra affects our legs, bones, lower spine and immune systems. If we have significant stress, those parts of our physical bodies may be affected. In the tribal case, we may experience epidemics.


I miss my Little Sis

She makes me laugh. I know she won't visit me, I'm too far away from any ocean for her comfort.

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