18. and i could sleep in

I love Big Star, listening to Big Star while walking in the pines, singing, singing, singing, performing, feeling like a boy even though I’m a girl, mixing up lyrics, the sun on my shoulders, breeze, riding in a car on a warm summer night with the windows down listening to music and loving where I ...


Writing the Energetic Body

Writing the Energetic Body This blog has five authors and is launching on May 5, 2008, while the new moon is in Taurus. Each new moon cycle will bring an exploration of writing through the lens of a different chakra. The first cycle begins with the Root Chakra. Muladhara – 1st Chakra – Root Survival ...


43. and Saturday makes (at least) Five

Poets to Come Walt WhitmanPoets to come! Orators, singers, musicians to come!The Red Wheelbarrow William Carlos Williamsso much dependsLandscape With the Fall of Icarus William Carlos WIlliamsAccording to BrueghelA Blessing James WrightJust off the highway to Rochester, Minnesota,The Lake of Innisfree W.B. YeatsI will arise and go now, and go to Innisfree,See more progress on: ...


44. in love with the world

Song of the Open Road Walt WhitmanSee more progress on: read a poem a day for 90 days



I love MEl Brooks, Walt Whitman, and Oprah. I love Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein, LEaves of Grass, Spaceballs, the Power of Now. I love flowers and cacti and bicycling through orange groves at night in Tucson with the stars twinkling over me while I glide by in wonder at and amazement at the beauty of ...


43. Oh, Dodie!

thirteen Dodie BEllamyMy clit is hard.See more progress on: read a poem a day for 90 days


Now It’s Thursday. 16

I love that there are birds singing outsideI love that I wrote this morningI love that I told a really dear friend exactly what I thought about s difficult situation—even though it wasn’t the easiest thing for me to doI love that I’m getting a massage todayI love that I will be officially divorced in ...


15. It feels like Thursday

I love yoga I love Randy I love that Riff Raff waits for me to wake up in the morning I love feeling good I love feeling loved I love fresh air I love that it’s getting warmer I love that I am home I love learning new things I love love I love trusting ...


42. little mice

twelve Dodie Bellamy The first time my cock bloomed into you I got manic.


14. Tuesday!

I love camping! I love looking at possibilities. I love the house I checked out today I love that I can be inspiring I love that I have a plan for Friday night I love Riff Raff, he’s so cute I love Randy—didn’t I say that? But I do! I love being open and honest ...

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