6. still windy

I love dreamingI love waking up without my alarm clock, feeling refreshed and happy for the day!I love yogaI love that I get excited that I am going to a new yoga class todayI love sunshine, and blue skies, and stories from friends back east of people dancing in the streets and joining in at ...


Additions to the list

Cycle across Ireland. Once there, find the town where all the Troys live.Go to Costa RicaGo to Costa Rica and run a yoga/writing retreatTake a workshop with Deena MetzgerTake Earth Activist TrainingRide my bicycle to California to take Earth Activist TrainingTravel in BajaTravel to IndiaTravel to Italytravel to SpainTravel to Indonesiarun a satsungRide my bicycle ...


32. oh oh, Annie

The Ballad of the Lonely MasturbatorBY ANNE SEXTONThe end of the affair is always death.She’s my workshop. Slippery eye,out of the tribe of myself my breathfinds you gone. I horrifythose who stand by. I am fed.At night, alone, I marry the bed.Finger to finger, now she’s mine.She’s not too far. She’s my encounter.I beat her ...


5. Everyone Knows it’s Windy

I love watching the ravens hang on the windstream I love wispy cloudsI love big blue open skyI love my lover’s big blue open eyesI love moto guzziI love schwinnI love that I can list what I loveI love that I can do whatever I wantI love music, singing, harmonizingI love performingI love the sustain ...


31. oh, Annie

Her Kind Anne SextonSee more progress on: read a poem a day for 90 days


4. friday on my mind

I love that today is Friday and that I can rest in tomorrow*I love my friendsI love writingI love this technologyI love RandyI love sunshine, and smiling, and seeing other people smile, and laughing and getting things doneI love that I have anb outlet for my ideasI love that there is no more ice on ...


lovin’ 3

I love my room mate’s cat, he’s snuffin’ around my room I love yummy dinners that I’ve made myselfI love kissing and snugglingI love the moonI love that it’s almost fullI love that it’s ThursdayI love that I have a whole slew of ideas for my workshopI love ramblin’ I love my friends back east ...


Quit the Corporate World

The life was being sucked out of me to the point where I was physically ill! I was going into work everyday with knots in my stomach-at 35 years-old I was diagnosed with diverticulitis. (easy explanation-an ulcer in my large intestine due to stress)I said, “No more! I’m not living like this!”It can be done. ...


Love love love day 2

I love that I can have long conversations with the same person night after night and still have somethign new to sayI love loveI love that I am feeling betterI love that I can do this listI love beets, kale, feta, carrots, sunflower seeds, my rice bread, red wine, apple juice, heirloom tomatoes, olive oil, ...


Love, starting over Day 1

I love that I hiked the Grand Canyon and lived!I love that so many people care about meI love that I work in a humane environment—at last!I love that I am aking steps to get to grad schoolI love that I had the most beautiful couple of weeks with a very loving personI love that ...

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