Aham Prema – December 2021

Be love in the world

Join me in chanting “Aham Prema” everyday in order to set the mantra in our hearts and achieve mantra siddhi.

Remember we are Divine Love – past, present, and future. 

Om shanti, shanti, shanti.
Om peace, peace, peace.

I will be chanting twice a day. To join me live, go to my Instagram, Co-Creating with Cosmic Holly.
Instagram @cosmic_hollytroy

Aham Prema 60: May you remember that you are Divine Love.

Aham Prema 59: Remember! You are Divine Love. You are Divine. You are Love. What does Divine mean? What does Love mean to you?

Aham Prema 58: Thank you for joining me in recognizing and honoring the vibration of Divine Love.

Aham Prema 57: Thank you for seeing me prospering as an artist and musician and creative human being. Om shanti. Thank you for joining me in recognizing and honoring the vibration of Divine Love. Meditation begins around 5:15

Aham Prema 56: You are Divine Love. Healing Divine Love. What creative gifts can you share today? Meditation begins around 9:00

Aham Prema 55: Divine Love is healing energy. Sending healing Divine Love out into the universe, to you and to all beings.

Aham Prema 54: You are Divine Love. You are divine love because you exist!

Aham Prema 53: Feeling loved, and I love sending love. Thanks for joining and helping to raise the love vibration of the universe. You are a brilliant vibrant love star. Meditation starts around 5:45

Aham Prema 52: Can you embrace life’s surprises today? Yum yum yum. I bet you can! Especially when you are powered up with Divine Love. Meditation Begins around 5:05

Aham Prema 51: You are divine Love. You shine like a beautiful golden star with the light of a divine Love.

Aham Prema 50: Oh! Just glowing with Divine Love feels amazing! Groovy love vibrations abound.

Aham Prema 49: Let Divine Love shine – it will anyway. You are bright and beautiful. Tonight’s guest @kitkrash was inspired to create a Music and Myth series in the middle of the episode! He says he is really going to follow through. I’m excited to see what he creates. My wish for all of us is Divine Love and Creativity. Meditation begins at 19:00 minutes

Aham Prema 48: Hurray, fill your intentions with Divine Love. Every time you review your intentions, see then infused with golden pink light. Meditation begins at 6:40

Aham Prema 47: You can meditate anywhere.

Aham Prema 46: Send divine love to every aspect of your life. Meditation begins around 4:55

Aham Prema 45: Send divine love to everything. Acknowledge and love it all! Meditation begins around 7:20

Aham Prema 44: Sweet Gemini Full Moon. Meditation begins at 7:35

Aham Prema 43: Divine Love in every cell of your body. Meditation begins 9:30

Aham Prema 42: You are Divine Love. You are Divine Love. You are Divine Love. Meditation begins around 5:10.

Aham Prema 41: love love love love love – thank you

Aham Prema 40: Send love to all places that need healing.

Aham Prema 39: Do the Dance of Divine Love. Meditation begins around 3:06

Aham Prema 38: I see you, you shiny being. Meditation at around 3:00.

Aham Prema 37: What do you love to do? What brings you joy? Do it! Do it! Please.

Aham Prema 36: What happens for you when you allow love to be deep and all-encompassing?

Aham Prema 35: What are you grateful for? Meditation begins at 7:00

Aham Prema 34: Let Divine Love fill up your hopes and dreams.

Aham Prema 33: Ghost in the kitchen got into the machine! My video disappeared – so check out this one.

Aham Prema 32: Groove to the Love Vibration. It’s the way to be.

Aham Prema 31: Rocking the mantra with Kit Krash. The vibes got super trippy.

Aham Prema 30: Together we nudge good vibrations into collective to raise the vibe of the world.

Aham Prema 29: What kind of world do you want to create?

Aham Prema 28: What kind of world are you creating? RIP Mike Nesmith. RIP Joseph Ramirez. Meditation begins at 7:09.

Aham Prema 27: Om Peace peace Peace.

Aham Prema 26: You are Divine Love. You are Divine Love. You are Divine Love. 

Aham Prema 25: with Special Guest Kit Krash – of the band, Spelz and the old-timey radio show podcast, The SpeLcast. 
Chanting is fun. Meditation starts around 7:50. (Accidentally sightly scandalous video).

Aham Prema 24: Your love is everywhere. See Divine Love wherever you are.

Aham Prema 23: Love your life! Meditation begins at 4:30

Aham Prema 22: Allow Divine Love to flow throughout your reality – past, present, and future. Mantra Meditation begins at – 5:21

Aham Prema 21: Let yourself be the grand, beautiful, Divine being that you are! The world needs you. Meditation begins at 15:35.

Aham Prema 20: Thank you for sharing Divine Love!

Aham Prema 19: You are amazing! Keep on grooving the love vibrations.

Aham Prema 18: The golden light of Divine Love ripples through the collective consciousness. Your Love is all Love.

Aham Prema 17: Make your new moon wishes after 2:42 am eastern time this evening. New Moon Sagittarius 12º21′

Aham Prema 16: Mantras can be done anytime anywhere

Aham Prema 15: Shine on!

Aham Prema 14: Slow expriment

Video 13: Aham Prema