Aham Prema ~ January 2022 Week 1

Be love in the world

Join me in chanting “Aham Prema” everyday in order to set the mantra in our hearts and achieve mantra siddhi.

Remember we are Divine Love – past, present, and future. 

Om shanti, shanti, shanti.
Om peace, peace, peace.

I will be chanting twice a day. To join me live, go to my Instagram, Co-Creating with Cosmic Holly.
Instagram @cosmic_hollytroy

Week 1 of 2021

Aham Prema 72: Just by being you are blessing.

1.5.22-contour-drawing-c2a9-holly-troy-2022Aham Prema 71: May every aspect of your life be filled with Divine Love.

Aham Prema 70: Allow Divine Love to permeate the dimension of your dreams.

Aham Prema 69: May your whole day feel like Divine Love. Meditation beings around 17:50.

Aham Prema 68: Divine Love is pure abundance.

Aham Prema 67: Writing Prompt: I am Divine Love. Meditation begins around 16:00.

Aham Prema 66: Send Divine Love to yourself.

Aham Prema 65: Healing love energy to all beings.

Aham Prema 64: Send Divine Love to your Dreams. Meditation begins around 4:13

Aham Prema 63: Capricorn New Moon. You are powerful. Set intentions. Surround them with the energy of Divine Love. Meditation starts at about 13:30

Aham Prema 62: Meditation starts at about 13:00

You are Divine Love. Which means you are Divine. And you are Love. Which means you are God, you are Goddess, you are the Universe.

You are powerful. 

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