Aham Prema – November 2021

Be love in the world

Join me in chanting “Aham Prema” everyday in order to set the mantra in our hearts and achieve mantra siddhi.

Remember we are Divine Love – past, present, and future. 

Om shanti, shanti, shanti.
Om peace, peace, peace.

I will be chanting twice a day. To join me live, go to my Instagram, Co-Creating with Cosmic Holly.
Instagram @cosmic_hollytroy

Video 13: Aham Prema

Video 12: Love is a healing force. You make a difference. Sending Divine Love to Joseph Ramirez today. Remember: Be Kind.

Video 11: By practicing the mantra “Aham Prema”, we expand the capacity for love in our lives in every aspect

Video 10: Look for evidence of Love. 

Video 9: You are Divine Love. Shine!

Video 8: You are Divine Love. Breathe in the phrase, “I am Divine Love.” Now write without stopping for five, ten, fifteen minutes. What do you have to say?

Video 7: Be kind.

Video 6: Aham Prema – sending Divine Love to all beings. Dedicated to my nephew, Moo, a gentle boy who has gone off to be a Marine. 648/125,000

Video 5: Let Divine Love shine in every aspect of your present self, your past self, and your future self. 540/125,000

Video 4: Harvest. Last Quarter Moon – What are you releasing in order to make way for something new? 432/125,000

Video 3: Send Divine Love to your body

Video 2: Prompt – 2 Lists: 30 Things I love, 30 Things I don’t love

Aham Prema 1 – the mantra practice begins at 22:59