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Writing Prompt Wednesdays

Finding my voice saved my life. Decades ago, I transformed my relationship to power through writing. I found a way to articulate what wanted to surface. Through my expression I established strength, grounding, and connectedness in my body/mind and with others.

Writing is a versatile activity and can be done anywhere. It doesn’t require elaborate equipment. Writing is cool.

I used to be shy, but I love people. My solution? I’ve been known to show up at parties with my notebook. If dancing or music wasn’t happening, then writing happened. And inevitably, fascinating conversation happened – usually with other writers, songwriters, and/or artists.

Writing, can be an icebreaker without the awkward small talk!

All you need to do is have pen and paper and keep your hand moving!

Every Wednesday, I post a prompt, usually a quote, as a springboard for stream-of-consciousness writing. Check out the prompts here.

The next time you reach for your phone, I challenge you to instead, reach for a pen, grab a prompt, and get writing. If you want to go a step further, share your writing in the comments, or start your own blog!

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Publications include Elephant Journal, Bentlily.com, the Telepoem Booth, Cosmopolitan Magazine and various journals. Most published work is creative non-fiction, short short stories, and poetry.


City University of New York – Hunter College
BA, English-Creative Writing, Art – Painting and Etching
New York, NY
1994 – 2003
Magna Cum Laude
4.0 in Major Fields of Study
Lenore Lipstein Poetry Prize


Writing the Energetic Body uses the seven major chakras of the Hindu Chakra system as the “backbone” for self-exploration through writing. A new, extended version to be released soon!