What is a psychedelic punk rock yogini? It’s the best way I can describe my life if I was going to put a label on it. I’m a singer/musician, writer, painter, and yogini. I like altering my reality through imagination, movement, and breath.

This blog is an experiment—a journal of sorts, with scraps of things that thrill me or make me pause. Sometimes it’s a list of my upcoming classes, essays, poems, journal entries, stories, music, culture, alternative healing, video clips, Amazonia, permaculture, yoga, meditation, Beauty and Love, synchronicities—my musings tend to sway toward these things.

I post a few times a month, if not a few times every week. I hope you come by and visit, and comment.

Om shanti~

Holly Troy, RYT, RMT

Recent Posts

yoga roots and asana

I’ve been thinking about my yoga roots lately, and came across this video of variations on the twelve basic asanas sequence through the Sivananda school of yoga. It looks like this was filmed at the ashram in Grass Valley, California.

Some of these variations are very advanced. I’m inspired!

Om shanti, shanti om.

sun burst (c) holly troy 2014

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