Why the Body? II

The idea for Writing the Energetic Body came to me while practicing yoga. At that time, I knew it was imperative that I slow down, pay attention to, and take care of my body. I was healing from a very serious illness that stemmed from continuous stress that was exacerbated by a disastrous marriage and a job that put food on the table but went completely against the grain of who I am. While coming up with rent can sometimes be a challenge, I am still trying to find my way in the world doing what I love – because I don’t have another choice.

painting by Heather Hansen

Movement (yoga, hiking, dancing, walking, biking), meditation, and pranayama (yogic breathing techniques) bring me into the moment and out of my default patterns of thinking. Many ideas come through while I am moving (or in stillness after movement). It is as if a channel opens, as if some of the filters of my mind have been removed and ideas and/or observations are more clear.

I’m continuing to look at the question of movement and art (or movement and writing). My friend and folk artist/musician, TJK Haywood, aka Wooden Thomas (and one of the first participants of Writing the Energetic Body), turned me on to artist Heather Hansen. She uses her body to make art. Her work is inspiring and exquisite.

Fluid intuitive movement.

Hypothesis: Moving into the body to write may facilitate fluid, intuitive writing.

Moving the body is enjoyable, and we notice subtle yet powerful details in our experience.

Why not use everything you’ve got available to you?

What is the movement and texture in and of your life?

Artwork by Heather Hansen.
Film of Heather Hansen by Bryan Tarnowski.