Why and when to get a tarot reading?

Tarot is a tool for tapping into the innate psychic ability we all possess. It uses archetypal imagery to spark our minds for opening to the collective consciousness and to filter what we need to know in the moment. Tarot readings help a person clarify a particular situation based on past, current, and future responses to events.

There are many ways to use the tarot. I personally go through phases where I draw a daily card and meditate on the archetypal meaning for me that day.

Here are some reasons and occasions for a tarot reading:

  • It’s your birthday or the new year
  • The seasons are changing
  • You are planning a 90-day sprint with your goals
  • You are at a crossroads
  • You need some perspective
  • You would like confirmation 
  • Your life has taken an unexpected turn
  • You have plans to make a change in your life

What I offer in a tarot reading

I offer a grounded, relaxing, choice-centered approach for my tarot readings. I use the archetypal messages in the cards to intuitively and compassionately reveal psychological, emotional, creative and physical potentials to your given situation. Possibilities are there – the choice is always yours.

We will:

  • Take a few moments to settle in together, relax, and become present with some gentle pranayama (breathwork) and guided visualization/meditation
  • Focus on your current situation and discuss any questions you may have
  • Work with the cards
  • If appropriate, discuss positive strategies for self-care and decision-making

Classic Tarot

Celtic Cross Spread with a chance for a few clarifying questions. We may create “what if” questions, affirmations, intentions, mantras, or embodiment exercises based on your results or desired outcomes. 

Expect your session to last 45 minutes to an hour.

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Astro Luna Tarot

We will review the month’s new moon energy based on where it is traveling through your birth chart. If there are any outstanding transits, we may discuss those as well.

We will discuss strategies for working with cosmic lunar cycles to increase potential for creative manifestation and self-empowerment – particularly focusing on the month and the next 6 months. 

We will create affirmations, intentions, or ideas for focus based on your overall goals and/or reading results.

This is a classic reading with the addition of moon-centered elective astrology.

Please provide your birth date, time, and place.

This is a deep dive!

Expect your reading to last about 60 to 75 minutes.

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Flash Tarot Read

15 to 20 minute reading based on a specific question, or for feeling out the energies of your particular circumstance. This is a quick read of the energies at hand.
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Super Moon Magic Tarot

I provide guidance based on the phase of the moon and how astrological energies may be utilized to enhance your given circumstance or desired goal(s) and outcome(s).

This tarot experience includes a reading with a layout reviewing the current energy and the recent past, the current new moon monthly (synodic) cycle as well as the larger lunar gestation cycle – including the opening square, lunar opposition, and closing square – covering a 2 1/4 year span of time. We will review strategies for working with cosmic lunar cycles to increase potential for creative manifestation and self-empowerment.

We will create affirmations, intentions, or ideas for focus based on your overall goals and/or reading results.

Please provide your birth date, time, and place.

This is a very deep dive!

Expect your reading to last about 90 minutes to two hours.

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What sparked my interest in tarot?

King of Pentacles and Strength © 2017 Holly TroySince I was a child, I have been interested in psychic development. I feel lucky that my mother encouraged imagination and sixth sensory perception – approaching the world through experimentation, play, and “what if” has made for a rich and adventurous life.

I have never been satisfied or able to adapt to a purely mundane reality – I come from a lineage of women who have taken an otherworldly approach to living. My grandmother delighted in recalling stories of ghostly and strange encounters, and she told animated tales of my great-grandmother, who came from “the old country” (Bohemia) and was a fortune teller with uncanny intuitive talents.

Once I learned how to read, I read everything I could get my hands on. It was the late 70s, and I was  8 or 9 years old when I read the classic book, Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs. Something about astrology sunk in, and almost four decades later I am still studying and enjoying the gifts and synchronicities the stars have to offer.

Tarot came a little later. I was 16 when I had my first official reading in 1987 by a witch on St Marks Place. I have been fascinated with the tarot ever since. 

Thanks so much for being a part of my journey.

Want to know more?

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to purchase a gift certificate.


Thanks, Holly!!! What a treat. You’re great at what you do! — Tatia B., Massachusetts (astro luna tarot reading)

Excellent reading with broad depth and expansive value to steep in and digest. Amended the soil in my Soul Garden! – Jordan Hoggard, Taos, NM. Author and creator of the deck Tarot in the Land of Mystereum: An Imagination Primer

I have had the very good fortune of receiving both an astrology reading and a Tarot reading from Holly Troy. Holly guided me through both readings with an ease and expertise that spoke to years of dedicated practice. She thought carefully before speaking, clearly analyzing the large confluence of information she was receiving.

Holly easily keyed in on deep, subtle things that were important to me with astounding accuracy and depth. She tapped into things that have always been a ‘pull” for me and gave them a voice. It is now five months on since my astrology and Tarot readings with Holly Troy, and I am watching the things she predicted come to pass. Over and Over again. Holly gave me incredible insight into what makes me tick, the big picture of my then, present moment, and is now proving accurate in her predictions of what lay ahead.

A dear friend gifted me my dual astrology and Tarot readings with Holly Troy. Not since my first two-wheeler has a birthday gift had such an impact on my life! The combination of both readings was powerful medicine and has left me with greater faith in my own intuition and a sense of how I am aligned with my own journey, Holly Troy showed me that there are more pieces to the puzzle in place in my story than I thought, and that left me, at least, with tremendous peace. My friend may never truly know how much I appreciate her gift! – WJDR, North Carolina

Holly gave me an amazing reading that helped me figure out how to navigate my circumstances at the time, and gave me more confidence and clarity. She told me that in 10 months I would be really happy and have more money, and damn if it isn’t exactly as she said! Holly is very kind and positive, but also isn’t afraid to tell it like she sees it in the cards. She’s deeply knowledgeable about tarot as well as astrology. She helped me so much, I can’t recommend her highly enough! — Gina P., Colorado

Hi Holly, I just wanted to express my deep appreciation and gratitude for the reading you have done for me. I was worried this could be a tough question I was asking and was reluctant to lay it on you for fear that you might feel the pain too but instead you turned this experience into something incredibly uplifting! It was a healing experience for me and paving the way for change. You showed me the way and that foundation is there. Now, I have this overwhelming need to act and change. I think the biggest take from your reading is that I’m no longer afraid to act and you turned a smoldering hope into hope that burns bright and beautiful like fire! It’s huge! I cannot thank you enough!! You are absolutely wonderful with such a deep understanding, spirituality and empathy! I am so happy that you were there right at the time I needed this the most! ~ M. – Warsaw, Poland (tarot reading)