Flash (R)evolution

I am moving house. Well, apartment to house. Still renting, but I am spreading out, sort of. Whenever I move I find stuff - lots of writing especially. I write a lot, but it doesn't mean I type it, or file it properly, or share it. The discipline is in the order, not the action for me. I don't know when I wrote this, I suspect right before moving to Arizona, 2006/2007, while I was leaving my husband and living in a basement in Brooklyn.

tales from the ledge – Day 83 of 108 American Sentence

old fears new life clash. can't ignore the old stories layered on the new ones - time to change the story.

Radical Love, Earth Medicine ~ Music Monday

getting down and earthy and beautiful

girl friends are good friends

face-to-face friendships: affirmative, life-giving, powerful

Where’re You At? ~ Music Monday

Stop, look, and listen.

More light than you know ~ American Sentence Day 81 of 108

Standing up to the beliefs that keep us powerless and addicted.

Eclipse ~ American Sentence Day 80 of 108

Astrologer Jennifer Racioppi wants you to evolve with integrity. Sounds good to me!

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