True Story – Southern (AZ) Hospitality

Oh, artists in Tucson . . .

How To Mountain Bike ~ American Sentence Day 40 of 108

Sage advice from a well-meaning boyfriend who taught me how to mountain bike.

oh god i fell for you – Music Monday

spinning and spinning and spinning

Cars in Space and David Bowie’s in Heaven

Darkness is merely the absence of light . . .

A Conversation With Place: Returning to Our Council

"In such important times, common sense may say to return to the root of our humanity, grow down as well as grow up. With a sturdy foundation, we become strong and responsible to really effect change in the world which stems from our natural creative selves." ~ Will Reynolds

Music Monday ~ Goddess Songstress

Spooky Psychedelic Rock! Acid.

slick psychedelic ~ music monday

. . . Don’t ever change people, even if you can . . .

perfect ride ~ American Sentence Day 38 of 108

sometimes noticing how good I feel takes my breath away

Grace ~ American Sentence Day 37 of 108

you are everywhere . . .

Sweet Habit: American Sentence – Day 36 of 108

every day is a chance to begin from a new place

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