Co-Creating with the Cosmos: An Exploration of Personal and Collective Empowerment through Lunar Cycles

The closest and most visible heavenly sphere, the moon, sets up a substantial visceral experience of the galactic dance. Our bodies are made of around 70 percent water, and the moon, like its pull on the earth’s tide, has an influence on our emotional and physical energies.

Did you know you can coordinate decisions, intention-setting, and acting on plans for your life with the moon’s cosmic influence?

Each mo(o)nth, the moon moves through a new position of fertile focus based on the astrological placement of the New Moon phase. In Astro Luna Alchemy, you will learn how to most potently tap into the celestial power period of the month to seed your intentions, concentrate your potential for creative manifestation, and move through growth with grace, agility, and confidence.

The Full Moon phase illuminates something previously unseen, its silvery light offers a new perspective. Luna calls for your reflection – this is a time to celebrate and acknowledge the ripening of an intention or desire as well as to confirm what no longer needs focus. You will learn how to embody the wave of creative flow, honor the expansion of your vision, and consciously release patterns or beliefs that no longer fit your dream.

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Music Monday – Earth

Spooky, Beautiful, Earthy Norupo Krigsgaldr I’ve seen the live video of this one, but this animation is fascinating. Traust Shaman LIFA I may have posted LIFA before. This band is scary and weird and good. It must be hypnotic to actually perform this music. It would be fascinating to see them live. What a trip!

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May 2020 – Isolation Song 20 – Morning of my Life

Morning of my Life – Barry Gibb Paul and I learned another new (old) song. This one is early Bee Gees. really sweet. We hope you are doing great. Life is weird. I’m doing my best to embrace it. Sometimes it feels like we are “building castles on the shifting sands.” Foundations slipping away? After […]

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What is this house in which you find yourself?

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