Meditation CD

I made a meditation cd to coincide with my class – Writing the Energetic Body. Each track is a meditation designed to stimulate a specific chakra. Of course, you don’t have to take my class to benefit from the meditations on the cd.

Journey through the Chakras ~ Guided Meditations with Holly Troy

Track One: Meeting the Child Self

Track Two: Exploring Ecstasy

Track Three: Finding Personal Power

Track Four: Sending Love to the Universe and Back

Track Five: Embracing the Higher Self

Track Six: The Gift of Your Dreams

Track Seven: Door to Potentiality


To purchase the hardcopy for ten dollars,  click here.


Hi Holly Happy New Year to you! Writing to share appreciation for the chakra meditation CD. I am in awe of the openings toward awareness and life altering experiences coming forward from this new alignment, sometimes moments or days after the meditations. What a gift! All the best to you! ~Susan S

I have been listening to [Journey through the Chakras] this past week to try to relax & it’s been working..You have that soothing yoga voice . . . I love the pool at twilight part with the fragrance of flowers and the waterfall washing away the stress. I so try to go to that place . . . It really relaxes me. I love it. ~ Lisa Rand Kominek

I have to say that the sound of your voice – doesn’t matter much WHAT you are saying – sends me into a deep quiet and a restful isness.  I have to be very careful to have plenty of time to listen because it is so easy to “disappear” with it or within it. ~ Sandra Macintosh – sculptor (reviewing Journey Through the Chakras Meditation CD)

I was listening to some of your [Journey through the Chakras] tracks—really cool stuff. I just forwarded it to my friend who teaches Yoga. ~Lisa J.