Divine Love – Aham Prema

om © Holly Troy march 2022

Be love in the world

Join me in chanting “Aham Prema” everyday in order to set the mantra in our hearts and achieve mantra siddhi.

Remember we are Divine Love – past, present, and future. 

Om shanti, shanti, shanti.
Om peace, peace, peace.

I will be chanting once or twice a day. To join me live, go to my Instagram, @cosmic_hollytroy – or find the videos on Co-Creating with Cosmic Holly on youtube.

Personal History of the Mantra Practice of Aham Prema 

This is the second time I am repeating the mantra Aham Prema with intention for 125,000 times, though it is the first time I am sharing it with others. One day I thought, “I should share this with others!” and, so, I am. 

mala © Holly Troy December 2017The first time I practiced Aham Prema, I used the mala during walks along paths in the forest. I needed to heal my heart. Flagstaff was a tough place for me in terms of love relationships, and I found myself often quite lonely. I’d had a few relationships that devastated my sense of self-worth, and I was feeling worn down. The combination of nature and the mantra were stabilizing and shifted my perspective on love. 

With the first practice intentional practice of Aham Prema, I noticed my ability to be more loving and compassionate for myself opened considerably. I experienced more gratitude and less anxiety. My heart opened to a more calm and grounded way of being.

Today, I feel more connected to and honoring of my nature. I am less swayed by others. I am far more peaceful in general. 

My ability to hold space for others, to be present and listen has increased. For me, the most valuable things in life is relating and connection. I think personally, that is a powerful siddhi.

The first time I practiced aham prema, I did 10 to 30 malas a day. I was in heartbreak and grief, and needed relief. The mantra, along with therapy and EMDR, body work, yoga and time in nature, was a powerful exploration in healing. I pushed. Of course, meditation is not supposed to be a push, but I was willing to try anything to feel better.  

The process of reaching 125,000 repetitions is far slower this time around. This time I am exploring meditation to really feel and use the energy of Divine Love in my body. I am also exploring using Divine Love as a blessing to Earth and all beings on the planet, to the present, past, and future self, and to anything that comes to mind while practicing. The visualization meditations before and after the mantra have shifted the experience to one of “getting it done” to one of being present and seeing where Divine Love leads in the moment. With the video and the visualization mediation before and after the mantra, I do one mala (108 repetitions of the mantra) on average.

I’m thinking about the flow of love and of being connected to the body in a peaceful way, rather than trying to get through pain. Now I am more apt to explore pain, pleasure, emotions of all nuance when they arise. I feel my body as I chant, which is often why I rock while chanting. I feel energy moving up and down my spine, between my shoulder blades, in my sternum when I chant.

The practice of guiding the meditations and the mantra is something that feels good to me, like I am doing some good, and maybe others will benefit, too.

Once again, it is helping me stay present. It’s important for me to slow down and experience my mother as her body becomes more frail. I think I was led to do this practice again because of the, perhaps not so sleepy © Holly Troy 2022 Marchunique but once-in-a-lifetime experience, of being with my mom as her life winds down. Also, I am reinventing my life through this process, why not fill the rebirth with Divine Love?

Some days I don’t do the mantra. On the days I miss, it’s usually because I am just too tired. Though, when I miss a day or two, I find myself having less patience the next day. So, it has been interesting for me to observe. 

The Power of Mantra

Thomas Ashley-Farrand writes in his book, Shakti Mantras:

“The reason 108 beads are used [in the mala] is directly tied to the number of energy channels, nadis, surrounding the spiritual heart in the subtle body. As each mantra is chanted, energy is evoked into one channel so that by completion of the round of chanting on the mala, energy has passed into all 108 nadis that surround the spiritual heart . . .

“There is a mysterious relationship between the heart and the shakti. Over a sustained period of time of chanting mantra, the power of the mantra comes to rest in the heart, even as it reverberates in the mind while energizing the chakras. When this happens, a mystical resonance takes place in the shakti at the base of the spine. Providing the energy for manifestation for that which resides in the heart, the shakti empowers the heart’s desire expressed through the mind . . .

” . . . [Approximately] 125,000 repetitions were required to seat a mantra in the heart . . . [and] will enable you to reach . . . Mantra Siddhi, a term denoting power and facility with the mantra. More repetitions magnify the result even more, so one may affect not only one’s own life but others as well . . .

“In the process [of making your life better], help to make the ultimate manifestation of your shakti rest in the foundation of Divine Love. It is our common human destiny. So make a decision to affirm your own nature as one of Divine Love, using the mantra ‘Aham Prema.’

“She who empowers all, in every realm, will surely respond.”


Another outcome of chanting Aham Prema is I have more courage. More courage to be vulnerable. More courage to take risks. More courage to follow the path of the heart.

Divine Love is our common human destiny. That is a beautiful idea. And the more I practice, the more it seems true. 

Perhaps the siddhi is to be human, wholly human.

My intuition told me to share the mantra like this, and I was curious enough to see what would happen if I followed through. We shall see where this goes!

Aham Prema Playlist from Youtube

You are Divine Love!

Aham Prema. 

Namaste ~