Dismantled Project

dis·man·tleverb, take (a machine or structure) to pieces.

I am using cardboard to explore the process of making in a new way, of tearing down a structure and repurposing it in a way that pleases me. The ritual of taking apart and rebuilding is soothing when I think of it as a response to the breaking down of our social structures since the pandemic.

There are so many ideas piling up in my mind I can’t see them all clearly. They don’t stop coming, they keep showing up. I had to start somewhere and release the bottleneck. I am letting them come out, one at a time, and laying them down as quickly as possible. This project is both a prelude to more work on canvas, and, an offering of a more affordable alternative to my canvas pieces.

Shake things up!

I am producing approximately a drawing/painting a day on cardboard til spring? Summer? 2022? Til I get too busy with gigs to produce something everyday? Maybe til tomorrow.

We all have 24 hours with which to experiment, try things, do it over, play, cry, let it out, take it in, dance, choose, breathe. What a relief!

What will you do today? And today? And today?

To see more detail about each piece, click the image, or contact me.

Daily writing prompt
What Olympic sports do you enjoy watching the most?