I got back into playing music in 2018 after a fourteen-year hiatus. I am a much happier person these days – I feel much more inclined to do my other creative endeavors with complete gusto and joy.

I’m finding myself in all sorts of musical projects, but my two main bands are The Conduits and The Lofi Sofias.

The Lofi Sofias

The Lofi Sofias are an all-girl garage punk band with influences from 60s psych to 80s new wave to 90s power pop. Most of our songs are original, with spooky melodies and harmonies, intellectual/sexual (frustration) lyrics, and a dollop of (fun) attitude. Instruments include but are not limited to: Guitars, keyboard, bass, drums, tambourine, shakers, and harmonica.

The Conduits

The Conduits folkified versions of old-time, country, alternative, and original music with hauntingly sweet harmonies and a Flagtown twist on New Americana will stir your heart and spark your soul.