Born on a Thursday # 38 – What Next?

I know it all starts with breathing, gratitude, and letting go of what cannot be changed. And feeling, and moving, and letting the feelings move, and taking action—even if they are tiny.

A few strokes in a new direction and I know the water will be just fine.

“For a Yogi, nothing is impossible. If something seems impossible, turn it to something difficult. From difficult to something easy. From something easy, to Realization.” Swami Vishnu-devananda

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Born on a Thursday #37 – I <3 Neil and Amanda

I love how Neil Gaiman partners with Amanda Palmer. They are both willing to be vulnerable – and in public. He is one of my favorite writers (I was sad when American Gods ended – I got so used to the story and the places it took me as i was taking the story in).

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Born on a Thursday #35 – Is that Thunder I Hear?

In other news, my week has been pretty quiet, except for the response to the piece I posted by Maya Devi Georg called Boycott Lululemon. The commentary is beyond anything I ever expected . . . There were a few comments I didn’t allow, mostly threats to me or comments that were in really poor taste. The ones that amaze me most though are people who ask me “what kind of yogi do you think you are?” (It’s really not yogic to have an opinion apparently. Or is it not ladylike? Either way, the fact that my tagline has “punk rock” in it should give people a clue that I don’t completely fit any mold – and that I might actually make a little noise now and then. Welcome to being born on Thor’s Day).

Speaking of a woman that Chip Wilson, the founder of lululemon, pissed off, Melissa Harris-Perry of MSNBC rips him a new one in A letter to Lululemon, on behalf of women whose thighs touch.

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Born on a Thursday #34: I <3 My Bike

I am grateful the weather has been gorgeous this week! More beautiful days of cycling around town. I admit I am a little nervous about cycling in the winter, but, as I love cycling AND it’s my only mode of transportation, winter on bicycle is an adventure to be had!!

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Born on a Thursday #33: Happiest Halloween Ever!

The Meat Puppets blew me away – perfectly psychedelic with a little country and punk rock thrown in (or maybe they were perfectly punk rock country with a little psychedelic thrown in – they were just WOW). I haven’t been so happy at a show in a long time! I could not have thought of better energy to bring into my life on Samhain. Yes.

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Born on a Thursday #32 – Cooked

New Moon Prayer Dear Universe, I would like a break please. Some help. Financially, emotionally, romantically, physically, creatively, spiritually – help with any or all of the above. I’ve flat out had it. I give up. Do what you will, I have no clue how to do anything anymore. Thank you. Holly

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Born on a Thursday #31 – Nothing is as it Seems

Last week I was so busy and simultaneously rocked by unexpected (and unwelcome) news that I completely forgot about my weekly post. This week is raw – there have been a few moments of catching my breath, moving through quickly-shifting emotions, facing fear, and being open to love and compassion.

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Born on a Thursday #30: Auras

I’ve had the trippy experience today of almost having a full-on migraine but catching it before it got debilitating. I started seeing an aura around 2:00 this afternoon (c-shape in my field of vision with flashes of rainbow-colored light, which made it difficult to actually see for a while). I had an appointment downtown, so instead of lying down, I walked the couple of miles to town, got to the store and bought some generic Exedrin®. My entire sensory experience was otherwordly, colors and sounds seemed intensified. It wasn’t unenjoyable actually, but I wouldn’t want to be like this everyday – and of course there was the thought in the back of my mind, “Gee, it would really suck if this was a stroke.”

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Born on a Thursday #29: Summer! Love!

I found these succulents turning red along a crack in the sidewalk—change and beauty in an unlikely place.

Where do you find beauty in unlikely places?

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Born on a Thursday #28 – Fumbling Toward Grace

This week has been emotionally stimulating and challenging. All the while I keep trying to remain open, no matter how scary that feels, and how awkward I feel in general. Signs of autumn’s impending arrival. The wheel goes round again. Though this happens every year, the shifting feels abrupt. I welcome the fall while embracing […]

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Born on a Thursday #27 – Finding Home

God, I love my peeps here. Honestly, I’m not that tough. Or maybe, I’m just tired of being tough. I am surrounded by a lot of people who love me, and that’s my choice. It’s taken years to cultivate my relationships – and then some of my new relationships have fallen into place so easily I can hardly believe it! Though I do believe it, because I experience it.

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