Broken Arrow – Broken Heart

Keep doing what you love, everybody. Please! I know what you do ripples out into the world and makes it a better place. 

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What have you got?

I keep reminding myself to ask – what’s the gift? There is definitely the gift of going deep (no choice?), getting real, and looking fear and anger directly in the eye and allowing it’s expression by asking – what have you got?

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Music Monday ~ Back when it was easy

Romeo Void If time itself was his demeanor There’d be no sunlight or a glimmer Of sunlight landin’ on the street Some say girls must be discreet Some say girls must be discreet Nursing their fathers locked inside They masqueraded as his bride I might like you better If we slept together I might like […]

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“rock potluck” – making music for making music

I am really excited and humbled to be representing the Conduits for this project. For me, this is a great way to give back to my community. Kids need to be encouraged to keep their creative dreams alive, we all do. And when we know our dreams are valued, it can make all the difference to continue moving forward.

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AFP Breaks My Heart ~ American Sentence (lost) Day 85 of 108

Amanda Fucking Palmer blows my mind and my heart. She is relentless in her raw vulnerability, an inspiration, an ardent champion for humanity in all its passion and messiness and ugliness and real-ness.

There is no intermission. Only life.

Photo of Amanda Palmer in Ireland by Stephanie Zakas

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lessons from a street waif – don’t fall through the cracks, transcend them

The benefactor:
Sometimes people know that you are homeless. If you are young, and perhaps very pretty or have some kind of odd feature that is attractive, a more affluent potential protector may make it known that he wants to save you. (Again, sometimes a protector may be a she, but a he is more common). He may have a wife and even a daughter your very own age. He has all the best intentions for you – clean clothes, a warm bed, a shower, food. He might even take you shopping and out to a fancy restaurant . . .

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