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American Sentence ~ 33 of 108

17 syllables and bonus - Iron Butterfly!

How to be a (Conscious) Mountain Biker (Human Being)

I needed something light today - and this video always makes me laugh. I love mountain biking - and the mountains have been saving my ass from my own grief and sadness these last couple of months (and especially these last couple of days). So grateful for the earth and the pines. Despite the mountains ...

Get off the wave of cult personality

If you are wondering how our culture got to be so crazy, check out Jean's post below. She gives a short history lesson in how we got here - with a small mention that the United States is coming upon it's 250 year anniversary (or, in astrological terms, its Pluto return). No matter which side ...

108 Days of American Sentence ~ 25

Trump Russia Google addiction — make it stop! make it stop! make it stop! ~ ~ ~  

PSA: The Fugs will perform “Exorcism of the White House” – May 30, 2017

OUT DEMONS OUT!!! The Fugs will perform a live version of "Exorcism of the White House" on Tuesday afternoon, May 30, at The Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C., as part of a Veterans for Peace Rally. PLEASE SHARE AND SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT THIS EVENT!


Sisters Walking into the Lion’s Mouth

Stories about the Dakota Access Pipeline have been troubling my heart for some time now - this story by Victory Lonnquist especially moved me, brought me to tears, touched me on so many levels. Maybe it's the moon, or my moon - or that water, the earth, women - are so powerful and yet, so repressed ...


Fear, Love, Gratitude and the Election

Letter I wrote the day after the election.  Hi, I don't know what's going to happen - and that is a scary feeling. Currently, it feels like all is lost - my spirit feels like it's trying to jump out of my body - but the pit in my stomach is keeping it tied down. ...


Shine a light on your fear

Fellow Jersey-girl Marie Forleo has some great advice about dealing with criticism. She says: Everything that you love is disliked by somebody. It's a whole lot easier to critique a thing, than to make a thing. Do not give anyone the power to make you feel worthless. Watch the video on a great technique for vanquishing your ...


The (R)Evolution Will Not Be Televised

Get out there. Talk to your neighbors. See what's going on. Talk about stuff that matters to you. Really matters. What's going on in your heart? Do you know? Can you speak it? Make something. Make some art. Plant a garden. Plant a seed. What do you wanna grow? How are your relationships? What's happening in ...


do it, be it, live it with love

Our culture is in a sad state. A boy died at the university where I work yesterday. He was shot and killed by another boy. I wrote this to a friend: At first when I heard the news I went into a spin about how kids are being turned into numbers/consumers who are taught how to be automatons trained to produce and consume in a disconnected world rather than human beings who are [loving] creative critical thinkers - and how maybe that is why there is so much more violence on campuses (and in general in this country).