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Journaling through the Chakras at the Flagstaff Yoga Festival

This seminar will use the major chakra system as the "backbone" for self-exploration through journaling. Creative visualization, gentle movement, sound, sensory stimulation, and writing prompts designed to wake up specific chakras will inspire a series of timed writings. Journaling is a form of unfolding--participants will benefit from a deeper sense of self-awareness, relaxation and compassion. ...



Haven't watched television for about 3 weeks. I was driving a rental car packed with my life's belongings toward the San Francisco Peaks when it struck me that I live in a western town. I've been in Flagstaff for almost two years and it's finally occurring to me. No commercial job and no CNN - ...


Fun Spot at the Library

From NAUI'm wearing my favorite socks and dressy shoes. Sometimes work is fun!Photo by Steven Toya.


Argh! Only in cyberspace . . .

I know this is silly, but I googled myself and there is another Holly Troy out there who has a website called “Holly Troy’s Poetry Page” and it’s right on the top of the list. I’d like to be polite, but the writing is really not good. Well, maybe it will be good someday, it’s ...


Letter I wrote for my Master’s Application

We live in exciting times. With so much change happening in our country and our world politically, economically, and ecologically most of us need to reinvent the ways in which we view the world and live our lives. For many, it is a frightening time, but it is also a time of opportunity.


Letter to My Ancestors

(All Food sources on Earth are endangered as of 2008 in my assessment).


Writing the Energetic Body

Writing the Energetic Body This blog has five authors and is launching on May 5, 2008, while the new moon is in Taurus. Each new moon cycle will bring an exploration of writing through the lens of a different chakra. The first cycle begins with the Root Chakra. Muladhara – 1st Chakra – Root Survival ...


8. Tuesday feels like Monday

I love that there is still snow on the peaks I lve that I have time to do this in the morning I love how Riff Raff tries to bury my coffee I love that the sky is blue, the sun is shining and the wind has died down I love how intense the landscape ...


Bio for Teaching at Mountain Waves Healing Arts Center

Writing is an act of excavating, an uncovering of layers and discovering our own depths and imagination. Many people view writing as a lonely craft. Holly believes that when we are present and honest on the page, we can take that experience into our lives and have richer, more dynamic relationships.