When trees pour like water

I walked up a street lined with gingko. I noticed their undulating trunks. The sidewalk rippled where the trunks pushed outward. This stump was a gap in the canopy. 

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Deja Vu outta Control

Set the Controls for the Heart of Sharon Tate is a haunting mind trip through the carnival ride of obsession, fame, and objectification. A fanboy’s lifelong fixation on his one true love, Sharon Tate, brings him face-to-face with the horror and madness that drives a person to murder. Hilarious, twisted, terrifying, and tragic – Gary Lippman shatters cultural compulsion with celebrity by flipping the polarity of innocent infatuation to full-blown alienation and dehumanization. What a freak show!

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Rewinding the Cosmic Clock

Surfing the cosmic waves for maximum effect.

In what ways is your life changing? Can you let the changes be enjoyable?

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