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letting go, then, letting go – Day 75 of 108

figments revolve, figments fade

Dream Whisper – American Sentence Day 41 of 108

pleasant dreams make it hard to get out of bed

108 Days of American Sentence: Day 20

not sure he was seeing things . . .


Stone House, Wine, the Forest, and the Sea

This is stunning. Fantastical beauty by Amanda Palmer and her father Jack (and friends). This video is a lush dreamscape. Just watch.   I originally saw this video on Pitchfork.


Wine in the Summertime

I love Eric Burdon and War. Spill the Wine is a classic, great song - and these guys take it up some serious notches when playing live. I thank my friend Patrick for sharing with me - and now I share with you (as I've been too busy to write lately). Super Sonic Live Action with ...


Born on a Thursday #57 – I Am Happy

I was afraid of the ghosts in the house, but I managed to train one of them. I told my parents the house was haunted, and proved it by telling Morris, the ghost I trained, to open and close the door, which he did. My parents told me I should stay even though the place was haunted. I said, "These ghosts are yours, not mine." I had to leave.


Snow, Lace, and Strength

I have not had a chance to write Born on a Thursday for two weeks now! Over the winter and early spring, I slowed way down, walking for hours every day through the pines with my canine companion, Stoney. It was exactly what I needed to do. Stoney's leash was the gossamer thread that kept me from losing my way as I looked hard at my life.


Astro-Love: Stepping through fear

I love Chris Hadfield. I wish he was my uncle or father — I think I will adopt him. I can pretend I was brought up with his beautiful, common-sense approach to fear, to life.


Solitude, Oil Paint, and Marianne Faithful

Solitude was a gift today. I painted! It was strange, because I haven't been alone to paint in a long while.