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100 things that made me grow (2018)

I became stronger, braver, softer, and far happier than I have been in a very long time.

More light than you know ~ American Sentence Day 81 of 108

Standing up to the beliefs that keep us powerless and addicted.

Essay on Labels ~ American Sentence Day 77 of 108

sometimes we think we are kind

Holding Hands – American Sentence Day 76 of 108

winter morning with coffee and cat and love - stillness feels like moving

Grounding Love, Expanding Time

Red Earth Blue Sky. View from the bottom of the cave we visited during Muladhara Day. Photo originally posted on Instagram.

letting go, then, letting go – Day 75 of 108

figments revolve, figments fade

Music Monday ~ Oh Paris

Amélie is a mischievous Quan Yin. A modern-day angel.

Dreaming of the Future ~American Sentence Day 74 of 108

sometimes you get hungry, and sometimes you are in love, and sometimes your are both at the same time

astrology of potential ~ American Sentence Day 73 of 108

leaning into the dark and finding light