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8. Tuesday feels like Monday

I love that there is still snow on the peaks I lve that I have time to do this in the morning I love how Riff Raff tries to bury my coffee I love that the sky is blue, the sun is shining and the wind has died down I love how intense the landscape ...


6. still windy

I love dreamingI love waking up without my alarm clock, feeling refreshed and happy for the day!I love yogaI love that I get excited that I am going to a new yoga class todayI love sunshine, and blue skies, and stories from friends back east of people dancing in the streets and joining in at ...


4. friday on my mind

I love that today is Friday and that I can rest in tomorrow*I love my friendsI love writingI love this technologyI love RandyI love sunshine, and smiling, and seeing other people smile, and laughing and getting things doneI love that I have anb outlet for my ideasI love that there is no more ice on ...


Love love love day 2

I love that I can have long conversations with the same person night after night and still have somethign new to sayI love loveI love that I am feeling betterI love that I can do this listI love beets, kale, feta, carrots, sunflower seeds, my rice bread, red wine, apple juice, heirloom tomatoes, olive oil, ...


28. Oh, Rumi!

674 You don’t have “bad” days and “good” days. You don’t sometimes feel brilliant and sometimes dumb. There’s no studying, no scholarly thinking having to do with love. but there is a great deal of plotting, and secret touching, and nights you can’t remember at all. 77 677 There is a light seed grain inside. ...


7. Monday Monday

I love that the sun is shining, the air is cool, I have a great friend who I drive to work with every morning (and soon will be biking with), I like my boss, I like my co-workers, there is a lot to do today I love that I have gathered up my notes for ...


Love Day 2

I love Stephanie, Leslie, LInda, Randy, Randi, Anthony, Mom, Sandra, KErry, LAura, Joe K, music, rock-n-roll, being a performer, teaching, laughter, bicycles i love beets I love olive oil, garlic, greens I love hiking I love blue skies, the sun, mountains, fresh air, space, smoke-free environments I love my bones I love yoga, breathing I ...


Flagstaff Update 03/08/08

Everything is unfolding as it should (and will) -- even the uncomfortable stuff.