Epiphany, Full Moon, and Divine Love

“Encircled by the everlasting hills they rest here who added to the beauty of the world by art, creative thought, and by life itself.” – Dr. James Shotwell

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New Sun of the Year

In the northern hemisphere, at a time when it seems like everything has gone dormant, this is when we get to build our foundations. All the plants are busy underground, pulling all their energy to their roots. It doesn’t look like anything is happening, but oh! So much is happening. This is when we can nurture ourselves and get really strong behind the scenes. We prepare to put plans into motion. 

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New Moon Cancer 2022 – realm of the unseen

Moon is the Nurturer

“We can measure a culture’s evolution by
whether that society nurtures and reveres its
children, its elders, the environment
and all growing things.” ~ Carolyn Casey

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