music monday – Time Space COntinuum and OUr Tiny Selves

I am addicted to Umbrella Academy (Netflix). I tend to stay away from TV, but lately it’s been nice to sit back and be entertained – and damn – Umbrella Academy is good. And the soundtrack – outstanding. Among the many great songs – Golden Brown – which led me on a trip to visiting […]

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Music Monday ~ Here Comes that Girl / Boy

Super Stars Who’s that Girl is my favorite video by the Eurythmics. Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart are legendary. And how much fun they are having in Would I lie to You. Sweet Dreams mesmerized me. Here Comes the Rain is just lovely. Reminds of Wuthering Heights.   And, man – wow! So many legends […]

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December 2019 Events

from left to right - Paul, Heather, and Holly relaxing in Sedona

Party Lights!

Closing out 2019 with music by the Lofi Sofias and the Conduits. Turn your party lights on.

New Year’s Eve join me for Oms and Eats in the early afternoon – then in the early evening, a porch party with the Conduits – ending just in time for the Pine Cone Drop (or a decent night’s sleep).

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