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we’re not in kansas anymore (Music Monday)

saying good-bye to sun in pisces and last day of winter weirdness photo: Holly Troy

Beyond Zoom (ah-zoom-ah-zoom-ah-zoom)

So joyful. This is Sacred Folly! Makes me so happy! It's like, crazy groovy man! I think I have some new moves for my next living room dance. I love Ballet Zoom!

108 Days of American Sentence ~ Day 16

"Then cherish pity; lest you drive an angel from your door." -Willam Blake


Touch of Creole

I voted weeks ago. - I'd love to escape into the forest today. A little bird told me it's ok to get away.   A little music and a little peace.


Maggie and Jack

Been thinking about Jack Kerouac and Maggie Estep today. Bad Day at the Beauty Salon And Maggie's classic: I'm An Emotional Idiot. and: I'm Happy


World of Acid – Lost and (almost) found Artwork

While searching for something else on the internet - I found The World of Acid! I designed this album cover for Parallel World's release of The World of Acid. It is a compilation of rare tracks of acid/psych music from the 60s. I think the album is at my mother's house, or maybe my sister's ...


“Be realistic, Ask for the Impossible” Vivian Stanshall and a bit of Sacred Folly

Thanks to Dangerous Minds for the link and some roundabout sage advice by Vivian Stanshall! "Be realistic, ask for the impossible." and for your freaky funky listening pleasure . . .


Hypno Pussy Power!

Meow! Kitty Ka-Zoom!


And me, without a spoon . . .

Nauseating and fascinating at once. What would have become of Mary Kate and Ashley if they stuck to rapping about food?


Hello, I’m Shelley Duvall

(via Dangerous Minds)