108 Days of American Sentence ~ 25

Trump Russia Google addiction — make it stop! make it stop! make it stop!

~ ~ ~

Nika Beliana, red dress, wind and dirt. Photo staged by Nika. © 2016 Holly Troy
In the meantime, beautiful photo collaboration with/for Russian/Canadian filmmaker, Nika Belianina.   Nika, red dress, wind and dirt.


108 Days of American Sentence ~ 24

Big dreams of waking at 5am and riding road bicycle car-free.


my pretty pony © Holly Troy, May 7, 2017

108 Days of American Sentence – 23

Brown rabbit crosses curved path – pine tree, moist earth, lilac – cool breeze on skin.


evening aspen on way to see my love © Holly Troy May 4, 2017

108 Days of American Sentence ~ 22

Thin-skinned politician lawyer  Prickly Blue Magoo twisted up – “Off with her head!” when Pink Lady laughed.


two rad bad-ass women who laugh a lot © May 2017 Holly Troy

reiki meditation – we are stardust (re-visit)

Was writing about my meditations for a time. This is a revisit from another time . . .

I used some of the extra symbols my teacher Geordie gave to me as my meditation began and I was sailing! I sat in simple cross-legged position, placed my hands on my thighs, and immediately the energy flowed through my arms and out of my hands like warm liquid-light. Through my legs, around my pelvis, up my spine, circling out of my nipples and the top of my head and surrounding me and flowing through me again like a giant egg of light made up of billions of tiny stars.

I was sailing, floating, solid, yet completely fluid.

Star POwer © 2016 Holly TroyI don’t know why I waited so long to use the extra symbols. He gave them to me a year ago. So much was happening in my life then, and so much has happened and changed since then. Perhaps I needed to spend more time with myself and the earth before I was ready for this cosmic energy. I feels right now.

I am surrounded by tiny stars!

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108 Days of American Sentence ~ Day 21 with Joan Baez

Let down my guard – split, shed my skin – Phoenix rise in my mind, no one sees.


Spring fever brain boil – thoughts drip moist (like) sweat from Tarzan’s breast – salt on skin.


get your guns, gas, and beer here © Holly Troy, March 2017

“Nasty Man” (©️Gabriel Earl Music, 2017) (words and music by Joan Baez)

108 Days of American Sentence: Day 20

Ghost hover in corner / squeeze him out of bed / stare at my man all night!


full moon after Halloween 2014 © Holly Troy 112014

108 Days of American Sentence – Day 19

Bird-heart rib cage / frantic flutter wing-span / off-beat dream shake / new song sung


paper towel heart © Holly Troy 3.5.2017

108 Days of American Sentence – Day 18

Cold wet weight crushing old limbs already heavy with sap, springtime snow.


Spring snow © 2017 Holly Troy