Meditation CD

I made a meditation cd to coincide with my class – Writing the Energetic Body. Each track is a meditation designed to stimulate a specific chakra. Of course, you don’t have to take my class to benefit from the meditations on the cd.

Journey through the Chakras ~ Guided Meditations with Holly Troy

Track One: Meeting the Child Self

Track Two: Exploring Ecstasy

Track Three: Finding Personal Power

Track Four: Sending Love to the Universe and Back

Track Five: Embracing the Higher Self

Track Six: The Gift of Your Dreams

Track Seven: Door to Potentiality

To purchase the hardcopy for seven dollars (that’s one dollar per meditation), click here.

To hear samples or download the cd, you may go through itunes or Amazon or Reverbnation.


Hi Holly Happy New Year to you! Writing to share appreciation for the chakra meditation CD. I am in awe of the openings toward awareness and life altering experiences coming forward from this new alignment, sometimes moments or days after the meditations. What a gift! All the best to you! ~Susan S

I have been listening to [Journey through the Chakras] this past week to try to relax & it’s been working..You have that soothing yoga voice . . . I love the pool at twilight part with the fragrance of flowers and the waterfall washing away the stress. I so try to go to that place . . . It really relaxes me. I love it. ~ Lisa Rand Kominek

I have to say that the sound of your voice – doesn’t matter much WHAT you are saying – sends me into a deep quiet and a restful isness.  I have to be very careful to have plenty of time to listen because it is so easy to “disappear” with it or within it. ~ Sandra Macintosh – sculptor (reviewing Journey Through the Chakras Meditation CD)

I was listening to some of your [Journey through the Chakras] tracks—really cool stuff. I just forwarded it to my friend who teaches Yoga. ~Lisa J.