April’s 30-Day Challenge – Playing the Fool

This post is inspired by a friend whose sister is battling breast cancer. My friend said – “Life is short. What would happen if I looked around me and said, ‘Life is good enough. I am happy being alive. I am good enough?'”

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30-Day Challenge: Everyday Heart’s Desire

30-Day Challenge for February 2014

This month’s challenge is a practice that I have been doing on and off since last May. I can tell you that when my practice is consistent, transformation happens with ease. I also know that when things get moving in my life, I tend to get lax on the practices that make my days go a little more smoothly. So, I am bringing this one back into my life and am sharing it with you because it’s a lovely practice.

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30-Day Challenge – If I Weren’t Afraid

Do this first thing upon waking, before you look at emails or your phone. Do it when you wake up in the morning because you have to go to the bathroom. It’s best to do when you are in a semi-dreamy state, or before anyone else distracts your day. Three minutes, whatever comes to your head.

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