Peace is Not an Awful Lot to Ask

Oh, David Crosby and Graham Nash – thank you! So inspiring!

I have been to Occupy Tucson and it was exciting. I can’t imagine how it would be at Wall Street. There is definitely a shift in the air . . . a newness, a vitality. A good time to be a musician and an artist again – a good time to be human.

“This is a whole country waking up and saying, ‘Hey, we were supposed to have a vote, we were supposed to have a say . . . ‘”

I wonder who they are/The men who really run this land/And I wonder why they run it/With such a thoughtless hand/Tell me what are their names/And on what street do they live/I’d like to ride right over this afternoon and give them a piece of my mind/About peace for mankind/Peace is not an awful lot to ask

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