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Red Rocks and Scottish Crags

I am so used to riding in the desert - but what would it be like to bike in a damp place. Flagstaff can be cold, but it is rarely damp. I rode in Sedona today, and it was a little cold with some wind. I thought of this video when I came across a ...


Water Moon

Born on a Thursday #12 Water Moon/Earth Sun Eclipse It's all around now, blooming in the air, spores, hanging like fruit,  like gnats. Exhale— dandelion. Make a wish. Slow drip swallowed.   Clay and cellulose — news of plumes. A coughing of black blossoms.


Sunbaked and Peeling

This is how my skin feels if I don't reapply my sunscreen throughout the day up in the desert mountains. Flagstaff, AZ. Seriously, this visage is haunting. It is the first time I noticed it, too, maybe because the leaves are beginning to fall, so now it is not so hidden. Considering the fight over ...


Winter is Coming

I didn't bring enough warm clothes with my this week! Wish me luck on my job hunt . . . I'd like to start grooving in Phoenix full-time - though I have had an interesting discussion tonight with my friend Linda and an Apache history lesson (which will resume tomorrow).


Desert Night Light

I went for a stroll tonight—the weather is gorgeous, breezy and not that hot. I'll be heading north tomorrow to go back to work. (I'd really like to call a place home—send me good vibes on the job front here in Phoenix. I need work here so I can eat and pay rent while I am in one place long enough to set up practice and to make art. Currently I drive to Flagstaff to work at NAU while I am staying in Camp Verde—I try not to think about it too much, otherwise, it wears on my psyche. Yoga and healing arts and creative work is all sort of halted—except for this, I suppose . . . )


Desert Condo Bungalow

The Swinging 70s outdoor lobby of the building where I've been slowly moving for my new home, complete with Yin Yang Kokopelli Sun wall hanging. I love it in a sick way. Groovy.



Desert sky through an arbor after a monsoon.


I smell the world

When I brush against you, I leave the powder of my existence on your sleeve, your finger.


flowers in unlikely places

one-eyed susans in flagstaff desert with dead trees


42. The Energetic Body

I love how my group blog is turning out, it’s getting really creative! I love riding my bicycle into the sunset, smelling the fresh desert air, coming across places where water has touched the earth and the smell of damp clean clay is all around, I love sage. I love salad. I love Pure Camu, ...