Born on a Thursday # 16: What do I want?

Too many times recently (in recent days and months) I have been baffled by the question, “What do you want?” Well shit, I think. I used to know. I feel so weird, saying what I want. I feel even weirder not being able to answer the question. I used to know the answer, it’s simple – […]

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I get by with a little help (and laughter) from my friends

I saw three friends who I haven’t seen face-to-face in fifteen years today! They are such sweet people. They flew in from Los Angeles and are going to Sedona for some healing work. These last two very intense (and dark for me) years have taught me that my friends are so important. And of course, because I was going through a dark time, I isolated, so I barely saw anyone. Now that I am beginning to feel better, I am making an effort to see people – and oh yeah(!) – it feels great to see my friends!

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20 Notes on Lasting Happiness by Swami Sitaramananda (reblog)

1. When the mind is more focused, you are happier. When the mind is one-pointed, it doesn’t swing so much. If it doesn’t have many waves, then you are happy.

2. Objects appear to give you happiness because of the conditioning of your mind to like this and dislike that, but truly objects cannot bring you lasting happiness. All objects are external things, but happiness comes from within you; it is your true nature.

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Invitation to Write Past the Mind and into the Chakras

Are you ready to let go of your intellectual understanding of what is “socially acceptable writing” and allow yourself to really say what you need to say?
Are you ready to let writing move through your body, into your energetic being, and trust what it’s saying to you?
Are you ready to release memories (or make up new ones), blocks, and sticky spots?
Are you ready for non-judgmental feedback, compassionate communication, and encouragement?
If you said “yes” to any of the questions above, then you are ready to participate in Writing the Energetic Body.

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“The Art of Receiving” ~ Heart Chakra Love

Often when we become stressed, we put an extra burden on our bodies by cutting ourselves off from what we are feeling so that we can just “get through” the stress. Financial problems, work issues, and disharmonious relationships can really shut us down, not to mention reading or watching way too much news.

I received this message from Marie Manuchehri yesterday. In the message she talks about the heart or fourth chakra. She says:

The fourth chakra receives the highest amount of energy, in the form of abundance, for the human body. Reception occurs at the back mate of the chakra, right in-between your shoulder blades. When this chakra is open—its normal state—and allows energy in, it receives health, love, joy, and wealth. Many people refuse to receive, and energetically block this chakra, withholding deserved abundance and healing.
Considering that the heart chakra receives the highest amount of energy in the human body, it is understandable that it’s a good idea to keep it open and flowing. Check out Marie’s website for exercises for helping the heart chakra receive energy and to keep it from leaking energy.

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Anahata Chakra ~ Breathing the World

The heart is where we discover our emotional nature in relation to ourselves alone. (It is here where we also realize that Self, really is the whole world. As I inhale and exhale, I exchange the air with everything that inhales and exhales—you, animals, plants, etc.) In the big picture, nature is always balancing itself Bringing it back down to ourselves (knowing that we are connected), we must at some point ask ourselves, “How do I achieve balance in my life?”

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G is for Geordie and for Gratitude!

I was thinking about my friend and teacher Geordie today. If you are in NYC, I highly recommend you check out his reiki circle on Monday nights at the Madison Wellness Center! He also volunteers his time for those in recovery from addictions at Third Root Health Center in Brooklyn.

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Pennies from Heaven

As I’ve been making videos for my current workshop, Writing the Energetic Body, I came across a “First Chakra Healing Tip” video by Vicki Howie of Chakra Boosters. I thought this was optimistic and clever – so I am sharing.

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Chakra, Body Wisdom, and Writing

How to write? What if I’ve never written before?

No worries! The writing prompts and movement are geared to stimulate the chakra we are focusing on. I will ask you to write for a specific period of time. During the writing period, the only requirement of you is to write until time is up.

There is no wrong way to do this. You may write any way you like. Don’t worry about grammar, spelling, or punctuation. They do not matter here. I always go back to what my first creative writing teacher Suzanne McConnell (and many teachers after her)* taught me—there is only one rule, keep your hand(s) moving. If you feel stuck, keep writing anyway. Try going back to the prompt and write it out until other words arise, then write those—or, repeat the last word you wrote again and again until new words appear—or, write, “I am stuck,” or “I can’t think of anything,” as long as you keep your hand moving. Writing is physical, the words will move through your body and come out of your hand—just keep it moving.

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Remembering Divine Abundance of Peace, Health and Plenty

Second, begin to create balance and harmony with all the areas of Prosperity that are most important to you. In other words, if you become fixated and obsessed with manifesting one form of Prosperity (be it romantic love, professional success, Inner Peace, etc.) then you push away ALL forms of Prosperity. Three is such a beautiful, perfect and Magickal number. What are the three forms of Prosperity that are most important to you, right now? Peace, Health and Plenty? Love, Fulfillment and Joy? Time, Beauty and Wisdom? Whatever those three forms of Prosperity are, take a few moments to think about how you can begin to create them or increase them in your life. And remember: “There is a Spiritual solution to every problem.” Be open and receptive to using both practical/Physical Realm and Spiritual/Astral Realm methods and tools.

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Last Day of H2H Clinic in Cauhide – Interview with Sergio

Sergio, a Healer2Healer patient who was in his 80s, is featured in this video with some of his family members. He received treatment from us over a few days. When he first came he couldn’t walk without a stick and he was in a lot of pain. As each day progressed, he felt better and better. By the last day, he claimed he could lift his arm over his head and “run”.

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