Infinite Love, Ray Bradbury!

Words of wisdom:

“The man who cannot laugh freely is a sick man . . . ”

“The only thing you’re ever going to own is your work.”

“We belong by doing, we own by doing, we love by doing . . . ”

Happy Birthday, Mr. Bradbury!

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your dream and real prosperity

There are times when, to be more fully Prosperous (especially so that you can receive Peace, Health and Plenty), you need to use the word “no.” For example, to what or to whom did you say “yes,” when you are now long overdue to say “no?” What or who have you been accepting and tolerating in virtually every way when you simply need to surrender and release it, him or her? And what burden have you been carrying around as your “lot in life,” when you can simply create Heaven on Earth by no longer accepting it, tolerating it, having it? ~Robert Alvarez, Psychic Witch

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