Born on a Thursday #35 – Is that Thunder I Hear?

In other news, my week has been pretty quiet, except for the response to the piece I posted by Maya Devi Georg called Boycott Lululemon. The commentary is beyond anything I ever expected . . . There were a few comments I didn’t allow, mostly threats to me or comments that were in really poor taste. The ones that amaze me most though are people who ask me “what kind of yogi do you think you are?” (It’s really not yogic to have an opinion apparently. Or is it not ladylike? Either way, the fact that my tagline has “punk rock” in it should give people a clue that I don’t completely fit any mold – and that I might actually make a little noise now and then. Welcome to being born on Thor’s Day).

Speaking of a woman that Chip Wilson, the founder of lululemon, pissed off, Melissa Harris-Perry of MSNBC rips him a new one in A letter to Lululemon, on behalf of women whose thighs touch.

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