Connection and Life Force – Self-Expression Saves!

I do believe that connection and self-expression are imperative not only for our personal health, but the health of our culture and our planet. I call this site Sacred Folly because these things are what I value, and they are exactly what I have seen our society call “foolish” time and again. Mind/body connection plays a vital role […]

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Notes on Sex and the Energetic Body

“We are connected more deeply and profoundly than we realize (see quantum physics). In our culture, we have become caught up in an illusion of our own isolation. In many cases we have forgotten to connect with one another, rely on one another, and help one another.

The first chakra is about our survival, our connection to the earth, our libido, and our connection to our tribe, including but not limited to our children, our parents, grandparents, ancestors, and those who we chose to connect with. Our survival depends on the earth and our connection to one another—connecting to those in our “tribe”. Through the first chakra, we have an opportunity to come together in comm-unity in a very physical way.” – Sydney Francis

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