Be, Do, Have

I’ve been visiting the family in the Hudson Valley for Thanksgiving. Today, I found the art store in Rhinebeck – it’s three tiny stories jam-packed full of supplies. I got some papers for making my up-cycled holiday cards – and – gesso, so I can do some oil painting while I am here.  Today, I […]

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Space Clearing – Late Summer Art Sale

The end of summer is a time for letting go. I am clearing out my space to create a new vibe for more art! Check out the work on sale below: Prints are $30.00 a piece. Contact me for pricing on Moon Flowers painting and for ordering.

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Stepping Into My Artist Self

For the last several months, I have been a participant in the Flagstaff Art Council’s ArtBox Institute. It’s been a deeply transformative time as I have been dedicating myself to thriving as an artist. I will say this – being an artist does not have to mean making an oath to loneliness or poverty. I have […]

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I’m Donating a Painting to Planned Parenthood

“Funds raised at our reception will support Planned Parenthood’s work toward a prevention agenda at all levels of government during 2012, including local school boards and the Arizona legislature. Donations will also support our strategies to elect pro-choice leaders who will stand up for women, choice, and access to health care.”

At the reception there will also be a raffle for artwork and jewelry. I am donating an oil painting called Flowers Keep Emerging (No Matter What)!. I think the title is apropos for the event – no matter how hard women’s issues get trampled on, we will keep on standing up and speaking up!

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Embracing the Maya – oil painting

I feel very excited about this painting. It feels like a breakthrough piece for me. One of those paintings where the pressures of adult life fell away and I entered a state of playful zen.

In Vedic philosophy, Maya is “illusion”, the veil that keeps us entangled and from experiencing the True Self (Brahman – what is really real). We experience the world as we perceive it, or, if you look at Maya as a screen, what we project onto it. Perhaps if we embrace the Maya, dive into it, we can move through it and reach eternal Truth or pure Consciousness (Brahman).

There are books on the Maya – that was a very simple interpretation.

Embracing the Maya
18″ x 18″
oil on canvas

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