Invitation to Write Past the Mind and into the Chakras

Often, to write powerfully, even if only for ourselves, we have to move past what we “think” we should write. Have you ever asked yourself what your fears are about writing?

You don’t have to share your work with anyone, but if you are “dying” to tell a story and are afraid, chances are there is a part of you that is suffering for not letting it out.

Are you ready to let go of your intellectual understanding of what is “socially acceptable writing” and allow yourself to really say what you need to say?
Are you ready to let writing move through your body, into your energetic being, and trust what it’s saying to you?
Are you ready to release memories (or make up new ones), blocks, and sticky spots?
Are you ready for non-judgmental feedback, compassionate communication, and encouragement?

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From the Energetic Body to the Page – Online Workshop starts February 28th

Being who you truly are may sound like a tall order, and for many of us it is. We have spent our lives bending to the will of institutions that are proving to no longer work for us. We are bombarded daily with images of how we are “supposed” to be, what we’re “supposed” to look like, “supposed” to wear, eat, drink and be attracted to. The news glorifies fear, violence, and chaos rather than love, peace, and creativity. Basically, the message is that we need to conform, and if we don’t, we’re doomed.

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